Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tummy Troubles again, but many NEW good changes!

All the NEWS:

   Well, you may have read earlier about my weight gain and how all my old clothes weren't fitting. Well, here's a pic of me today (before heading to work) in my new dress pants! Love the gray color! Something else new I worked a new Family Video Store today (in Glenveiw), it was only a 30 minute drive there, which is only 5-10 more minute drive than my usual driving to the Westchester store. I still work at Weschester, but filled in for an employee at the other store. I really enjoyed it, their store is a little less hectic than ours. The manager asked if I'd be willing to fill in for other shifts or pick up hours at their store too. I said sure. At Westchester in the last few weeks I worked 25- 30 hours each week.  Adding another shift at Glenveiw will bring me closer to 40 and help me test how I would do full-time (working for Family Video).

In other news... Unfortunately, I've been having some problems similar to ones that I did in the fall the last couple of days.. Pain in my stomach, etc. It hasn't been nearly as bad though..But still not pleasant having stomach pains and bathroom issues. So I'm gonna be really careful of what I eat in the next few days and see what happens. Here you can read all about my past tummy troubles and the colonoscopy I had!

Overall, my stomach issues are soo much better than they used to be. I used to have bathroom issues and stomach problems everyday before I changed my diet. But these stomach problems are different then normal ones, which I why I had the colonoscopy in the first place to rule out crohns, etc. So hopefully this will not continue to be an issue and will go away. Otherwise, I will bring it up a my next Doc appointment in April and go from there!

But otherwise work is going well and I'm soooo happy it is getting nice outside. I can't wait to walk and jog around the walking path across from our apartment. I have been keeping up with lifting my arm weights, etc. I have been doing pretty good at keeping up with the exercise regime I planned (read about my taking exercise more seriously HERE!)

I got my tuition reimbursement from Dominican, so that's taken care of too! Clinical Trial is still in proess and I'm still 100% compliant with my nebulizers and pills since November!  so good things are happening, why let a little tummy trouble get in the way of my smile :-)

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