Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday, Bone scan, and being home!

Birthday Weekend:

That's right, weekend!  Andrew asked me to take off Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend.!!!!

 We went home friday afternoon! I went to my appointment to get that bone density scan done. Whew, so that Dexascan is done!!! I'll find out the results next appointment I see doctor B.

And I got us tickets to see Footloose at Putnum County High School (a month or so ago), so Andrew and I could see my cousin Kazia perform! I'm very excited she has decided to do theatre! She looked like she really enjoyed it and I'm very proud of her. Footloose is very fun show and I'm glad I got to see her perform!

Then Saturday morning I met some girlfriends for donuts at "Nuts for Donuts" YUM! I had a maple and bacon donut! Afterwards I went to Jillians and got my hair trimmed (just a little), I'm growing it back out for a while. We'll see how long that lasts though... However, then Andrew told me to change into the dress I had to pack (not that I was sure why). And he took me for a suprise lunch at Starved Rock State Park's Restaurant. (Pics above of us at the Park & in the lodge)

I love Starved Rock Park! I've been hiking there lots and love there breakfast buffet, but had never had dinner or lunch there! I was so excited when I saw Andrew pulling
 into the Parking Lot! YUM! I had an amazing pot roast, with citrus carrots, and this yummy peach cobbler for dessert! (see colber on right)

It was so nice outside this weekend, I couldn't have asked for better weather for my Birthday! Then Saturday evening another suprise was that Andrew had invited over my uncles to play board games! Andrew made dinner for my parents, uncles, and me! It was delcious, yummy Chicken with pasta in a Romesco sauce (except no peppers, and put extra mushrooms) with roasted asparagus! We had angel food cupcakes with strawberries and cool whip for dessert too! We played a couple board games and just had a great night! But that wasn't even the end! My ACTUAL birthday hadn't even started yet!


Sunday, April 6th! That was my 29th Birthday! Wow, 29 years old! I love it! It seems like time has flown by so fast! My Birthday on Sunday was great! I ate left over angel food cupcakes with strawberries for breakfast. And then Mom, Dad, Andrew and I took off in the van to Peoria to spend the afternoon with Ada! We had a lot of fun, teasing and goofin like always (Note the picture on the left)! We went to lunch as a family, I opened gifts, and we went shopping! I got 2 cute dresses, 3 adorable tops, and some workout clothes! What great gifts! I also got the movie Frozen :-) I really love Frozen and my clothes are so cute! I can't wait to wear them all!

Of course, as you know I have kept on the weight recently very well! YAY! I've been between 107-109 for months now without using any feeding tube! So I really needed some clothes, most of everything I had didn't fit or was really old. I never outgrew anything before so I had still had clothes from High School. They weren't in the best shape; so today I went through my clothes and got rid of everything that didn't fit (or looked old) and put all my new items in the closet! It may have started me on a deep cleaning spree. LOL.  So far 2014 has been pretty great and that includes an amazing 29th Birthday! To see the roller coaster of last year expressed in pictures ( See my 2013 Reveiw! HERE)

And feel free to scroll down/through the older posts to see all the exciting new changes! And I have so much more to tell soon!  I will post some pics on my new clothes too! Oh and THANKS to everyone who signed up for the walk or donated yesterday in honor of my birthday! I had $80 donated yesterday and gained a few more walkers! We have over 50 walkers and if everyone meets there goals we will raise around $5,000 so far! 2 more months, keep it up everyone! (Click Great Strides Link at top left)