Friday, April 11, 2014

Freakin Out & Bringing Back Memories

Freakin Out, Yep I was:

I just had a clinical trial yesterday and I blogged about it below. However, today a lot happened and I have a lot to say. So here it goes... I had to work today 2-9pm. I went in and it was sooo slow today. I was thinking "yay! Today we will get a lot done and then it should pick up in an hour or two."  It didn't pick up, so bad news we had 3 people scheduled and only needed 1, but good news I got to go home at 7:00pm. 2 hours early. Why is this sooo good? Well. 3 reasons 1.) I had cleaning, etc to get done before Andrew got home 2.) Needed to pack (because we have a wedding to go to tomorrow) 3.) I didn't feel well. Like really didn't feel well. I had drank all my gatorade by 4pm and had nothing to drink for the other 3 hours on my shift. It was 78 degress in the store and I was sweating like a pig. I know attractive, but I have CF and I sweat more than the average person... So needless to say I was a little dehydrated by the time I got off at 7. And by the time 7pm rolled around I was pretty exhausted (not sure why, we weren't that busy). I started getting a headache and just wanted to get home. At least on the way home, I got to unroll my windows and wear my cool sunglasses.

( side story time: I got those sunglasses from a friend's mom. I re-did her bathroom for her as a surprise, she loved it. I found the glasses and was wearing them, she told me I could keep them. They were hers from when she was a teen. I still wear them, Love them! check em out)

Okay, back to today's events! Well, I really didn't feel well and luckily, got home at 7pm. I had a really bad headache and was beyond tired. PLUS, last week or so I've had a small rash under my eyes.. I figured no big deal, just broke out. I do that a lot. It never really went away, but faded. Last night (Thursday night) it got worse, the small dots were almost purple, pretty dark red. Then it clicked I had seen this type of rash before. It was petechia.  I know people can get petechia on the face sometimes from prolonged crying, violents coughing or vomitting, I have had none of those issues so... that's lead to blood clotting/ immune issues. When I figured out today what it was I called mom right away. I knew they were petechia because I remembered them from when mom had them, when she was diagnosed with A Plastic Anemia (Read about what A Plastic Anemia is HERE!)

Side Story: In fact, they were one of the reasons the doctors figured out she had A Plastic Anemia ( which is not just anemia, it acts more like a cancer). So of course as soon it clicked I've had these petechia for a week, I flipped. I remember my mom (how I was scared for weeks, months that she was not gonna make it. We weren't sure for such a long time). I remember mom going through Chemo for two years and getting blood and platelet transfusions regularly every week. I remembered being terrifed for years I'd lose her. Her body took a good three years to fight it( even on 500 mg of prednisone daily). Thinking back I should thank her Doc for saving her, he has no idea what he did for my family. I could not function without my mom. I'm definetly a mama's girl. If I don't see her every couple weeks, I tend to start getting cranky and crying a lot cuz I miss her (I know I'm pathetic, but if you knew her and knew how my mom is the bomb-digity, you'd get it ). When I start getting like that,  Andrew usually calls her and sets it up so she comes and visits me on the train. Thank god, he and my mom get along and he puts up with me. :-) LOL.  The truth is she's is my mom, part doctor, advisor, and mostly BEST FRIEND. 

So you can imagine all the horrible things that ran through my mind when I figured it out. So when mom finally answered her phone the doc's office was already closed. So I'm going with what mom said for my decision on what to do. Since the petechia are more faded from last night, I'm going to hold off of doing anything until after the weekend. If they turn dark red or purple again, I can't put it off and I will call the emergency number or go see a doc. Otherwise, I get to attend the wedding tomorrow! So hopefully, my body behaves!! Behave body (shakes fist)!!!!! (My mind and body are like seperate and they don't get along)

And of course: RANT: On the doc's office answering machine. They should give specitics. Its says " If this is an emergency call this number. Otherwise we answer calls at this time...." Okay... what if we aren't sure. I mean you are talking to a girl who went from perfectly fine to life saving surgery in two hours ... A girl who was completely fine and then had anaphylactic shock. How am I supposed to determine this on a FRIDAY night, when I'll have to wait 3 days before talking to doc. AND I have a wedding I AM attending tomorrow. So body get it together, we are waiting til Monday unless they get worse or spread. ( it always happens on weekends, LOL) 

I have a good friend getting married tomorrow. Someone I care very much about and want more anything to celebrate their marriage and spend the night seeing my friends!  So for now I'm taking it easy, re-hydrating (drinking lots) and chillin (hopin my headache and tiredness go away). I still need to pack my bag, wrap the gift, and eat dinner. Andrew gets off work at 11pm and then everything will be okay. I always know that, thank goodness for him. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's my rock. Wish time would fly by so he could get off work and get here. I just want a hug after today. Thinkin about why I have Petechia and about my mom's medical past put me through an emotional roller coaster. 

Thank goodness for tomorrow and all the happiness that will be taking place :-)

Keep you all posted. I just needed to blog to keep my mind off it until Andrew gets off work. thanks for being the ears (or eyes in this case) that hear (or read) my problems. And don't worry the past couple blogs (below) are happier with good news!

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