Monday, April 21, 2014

Glucose Test, Blood Work, Petechiae Results!


FIRST, Hope everyone had a Great EASTER! I had to work, but I got off early and Andrew surprised me with a lil pink stuffed bunny hugging this rose, some candy, AND I even got off work in time for us to eat out for dinner (before I had to start fasting for my Diabetes test)! I got Andrew some candy for Easter and made some Minion Easter Eggs (out of yellow and Blue plastic eggs) to put the candy in, lol. This Easter was different, considering it is the first Easter I have ever had without seeing my parents or sister. But, overall it was still pretty nice day (regardless of working and not eating any night time snacks).

So where to start:  Okay,  As you know in the last couple weeks I had some petechiae problems, which completely freaked me out, considering my mom's past health issues (read about the freak out I had over this HERE- it brought back some memories). Along with petechiae appearing on my face and neck, I had some tests done recently. Doc calls them "maintenance work." Well, everything is done!!!!

I had my glucose (diabetes) test today and we got the Dexa-scan results a week or so ago. I posted the Dexa-scan results in this post here! Read for details. Thankfully, my hip was in normal range and back was just borderline for Osteopenia. So no extra meds or work for that. Whew. One less thing I have to worry about or deal with right now, so that's GREAT!

I arrived at Doc's office at 8:45 am to start vitals, etc before the test and my appointment. Marissa (Doc's Physician Assistant) made me an appointment just to check everything out (since I had the Petechiae). They did vitals, took my starting blood sugar score (just by doing the finger prick, which they do at every clinic). 106. good. Then I was told Doc wanted a lung function tests, just to check. That Saturday after I had the petechaie appeared, I went to a local hospital to get my blood work tested (to check for anemia, etc). That came back normal, which is why I got to go to the wedding (Read about that CrAzY Moring HERE!)!!! But because  blood work wise it looked okay, he decided to have me to do a lung test, and have a check-up just to make sure. I love his better safe than sorry, pro-active (catch this before it gets bad) attitude.  It reminds me of Fix-It Felix. Doc's Slogan should be "We Can Fix It" So positive :-)

So after I had my blood sugar checked, vitals done, I did a lung function test. AND guess what?!My numbers were the same as last time, still at 55% (which is my baseline). I want them higher, but considering how tired I have been. I was worried they would be down because I was getting sick. But nope, probably just run down from working so much. I'm used to working 20-30 hours (ever since October), but the last few weeks I've been around 37-38 hours. So it's taking a toll on me. But, hey my lungs are still doing the same, so I'm not sick! And Doc said the Blood work from two saturdays ago looked okay, so no infections. So boo-yah, baby!

At 9:00 am I drank the awful glucose solution (which I think tastes like if you had concentrated orange crush and added more sugar). Its a thick, sugary drink and mine was flavored orange. I don't like soda pop, especially orange flavored pop at all. And I'm a "sour food" kind of person. I drank that and then just had to wait the mandatory 2 hour period before they could do my blood sugar. And Doc said since they were doing blood work, why not get some vitamin levels now and save me a stick at next clinic. I thought waiting 2 hours would be horrible at a Doctors office. I mean what am I supposed to do? Well, Doc has a comfortable "lounge" he calls it.

(check out that couch, recliner chair, and he has a flat screen tv on the wall too)

So I just plopped down on the couch and relaxed. They said they had some movies I could choose from, but Doc said most people just sleep. I ended up on my phone chatting for most of the time (go figure). Then at 11:30 Doc took me to another room, used a butterfly type needle with 2 syringes to get enough blood to run the tests he wanted and he used that blood for the glucose screaning. So no extra finger stick, and it was in the okay range! So yay! I'm not diabetic.

I have been more thirsty lately, but I'm getting more dehydrated at work and my stomach tube is leaking a lot of my fluid intake (drinks) out, so I'm not retaining a lot of it. Which is probably the cause of my increased thirst, etc. I have an ACTUAL Clinic and Clinical Trial on May 8th, so we will discuss that then. AND it's my last clinical trial too!!!!!

But for now I'm glad I got all those tests and results out of the way. Whew. AND TODAY MARKS 6 MONTHS WITH NO ANTIBIOTICS (Oral or IV) -well besides the ones I take everyday. 6 months!!!! Considering I spent 1/3 the year last year on Antibiotics I'm SO EXCITED!

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