Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family, Flyers, and Fantastic Things!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Why am I so happy. Well, first off so many great things have been happening! I got some good news at my last clinic, I'm excited about being at a healthy weight. And I've been at a healthy weight long enough that my doc gave me permission to schedule the surgery to get my stomach tube out! I've had it since I was 14 and I'm ready for it go! YAY! Also, I've done 2 CF great strides walks in the last month! Of the 4 walk sites I do (with members of our team) these are my smallest and yet we raised $362 at the two walks, with only a few walkers. AND the Princeton Walk I've been working on all year, is really coming together! We have already raised $1,500 in online donations and have 50+ people signed up! I received quite a bit of help from the Princeton Area too! Goldie Currie, with the Bureau County Republican, wrote us a great story (and it made it on the front page)!

It starts on page 1 and continued on page 3. It has so much amazing information in there, I'm really impressed with the story she put together. I've also sent off information to other surrounding area papers, church bulletins, and newletters!

(If your church or community would put in the news, commet below and I'll send you a press release I wrote)

I'm hoping that helps boost our number of particpants and amount we raise. I'm really hoping for 100 participants and all together raise at least $5,000 (but really would love $10,000 -which is 100 people raising an average of $100 each).

I got 15 flyers put up around Princeton yesterday, and Wal-Mart confirmed that they will be letting me know what they can donate for the walk on June 1st. So that will be done too!

Everything for walk has been coming together very nicely. I just need to get more walkers invovled.

Also, medically I'm doing welll. I'm finally getting more stable hours open-6 at work. Which makes medications a lot easier to schedule.

I've got everything settled for when Andrew and I move to Sycamore/Dekalb! I've enjoyed being in Bensenville, but with all the traffic, my commute to work, etc. UGH. Plus, we will be saving a bundle by swtiching schools! So glad that is all set!

Satruday, was the Naperville walk and I had a great time. Its a rather big walk site. Last year the Naperville Walk alone raised $200,000 for CF research! That's amazing! After the walk, my team all went for lunch and got to just spend some nice time together. Andrew had to work after that, but I get to spend the rest of the day with Ryan (a best friend of mine). We had sooo much fun shopping, of course now I fell in love with- yet another- couch set! I have a weakness for furniture.... lol It was such a nice day and tonight I get to go out to eat with my uncles (who are in the area tonight). So once I'm off of work I get to see both of them. Plus, yesterda\y I saw parents and sister! It's my sister's students' concert andwas my parent's 30th Anniversary! So we are going to celebrate it as a family.

I have to work the next 5 days, BUT these past weekends have been so amazing and I'm so thankful. I know the past couple posts have be more "informative" about CF stuff (like meds costs talked about in the post below). However, I wanted to take the time to just tell everyone how great everything finally seems to going really well. I'm on a roll, hopefully, tomorrow I can get my surgeon's consultation appointment made too! Keep you all posted. Oh and enjoy the "selfies" mom and I took at the concert...

We decided they described our day:
                                                      We forgot the cups for the punch....

                                        Sent Dad and Andrew for cups and the concert is great!

Oh man, it's over.... 

Yep, that's what we do when we have free time.

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