Friday, May 2, 2014

Mail It In May! Let's Do It!

Mail It In May!

May is here! Yay, it's getting warm out and May is also National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness, so please also check out my  May Day Post from 2013!

Many great things going on in May! I love being able to share about CF Awareness month, it's a great way to  promote fundraising! May 1st always brings back memories too though. Memories of my Grammer (Grandma Allicks). I spent a lot of my childhood with her, she was an amazing lady that loved painted toe nails, purses, beanie babies, and most of all her family! I wrote about why May Day always reminds me of her,

This week is Andrew's Birthday and lots of CF events! Starting with tonight in Champaign, I I have the pizza fundraiser my friend Alex is hosting. (He's in the pic on the right with Sarah and Stacey, they did the last Champaign walk with me!) Then tomorrow is the Champaign CF Walk. I still have a ways to go to reach my goal, thanks to those who have donated in person though!) Feel free to donate here :

I'm also the guest speaker at that Walk. Then I work a few days and my mom is then coming up to visit for a to few. She is going to Clinic with me, because I'm going to discuss a lot with Doc. This includes changing some meds and my wanting to get my stomach tube out!!! So yay! We'll see. Sooo much is happening this month! We have another walk in Naperville as well.

So what else could be going on in May?

I've decided to use this month to kick off my "Mail it in May" fundraiser. I got this great idea from a friend who raises money for cancer every year! How it works is VERY SIMPLE. I understand some people don't like donating online, or let's be honest we get busy and forget. We don't have time to get our credit cards out, sit down, yadda yadda. I'm guilty of that sometimes. So instead I'll ask for people who are willing to send me donations in the mail! I'll send you an already STAMPED and ADDRESSED envelope and you just put your donation in it! Any amount, a couple dollars, $20, or whatever you want! If you want to send checks feel free. You can either write them out to me  or Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. If made to me, I'll put the amount into the walk site online page using my credit card ( so your check is accounted for right away). If you prefer CFF, then I will just hold on to the check until the walk and turn it in then, or sending cash is always okay too!

So whether you know me or not, are walking with us or not, live near or far away, you can still donate and help out! Let's see how much we can raise before  the walk using our good ol' snail mail system! All I need is you to message me your name and current address and I will send the return envelope right away!

So let's get this started! Let me know if you want to send a donation in the mail :-)

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