Saturday, May 3, 2014

Giving a Speech & Walking with Friends!

Champaign Walk's Outcome:

As you know I went to Champaign last night through this morning for the CF Fundraiser. First of all kudos to my friend Alex, for hosting a CF fundraiser the night before the walk. We had a great turnout, ate lots of pizza, and had a great time! The owner of the restaurant even donated $20 to our team! This was the first fundraiser that another person has held for me (or our team). An I know of two other non-CF fundraisers that are not walks (an put on by people other than me. Which is awrsome! Love the motivation everyone has this year! I thought last year was amazing, but it seems everyone is really stepping up their game this year!

And I love Champaign- Urbana (well, mainly Urbana)...
I lived there for 5 years (and attended U of I). It was a great lil city. It was so environmentally friendly. Lots of people ride the bus, ride buses or walk everywhere. Plus, I even got to show Andrew where I lived and took him to the gigantic famers market (Which fills a huge section of the mall parking lot). The farmers market and library were only blocks from my house. I'd walk there every Saturday and buy some produce, and check out some movies or books for the week. It's the simple things in life :-) I loved it. It was nice taking a step back in time and even catching up with some good friends.

I got to hang out with Alex and meet all his closest friends on Friday, then I had another friend (U of I time) come to the walk too. It was amazing catching up with Alex and John! I hadn't seen John since 2010! The walk was more of a success than I thought. Most people I know are donating to the Princeton Walk, so I figured we'd raise like $10-$20 a person for this walk and only have a walk team
of 2 other people (and Andrew and I). But we had 3 people come (and then us two) and we raised $252 for the walk.

I was one of the two guest speakers for the event. They had a mother discuss the new treatments and clinical trials. Then I discussed a overveiw of my life, etc. It's in the video I posted on youtube below:
Click here to see me give the speech or watch it below

For a more detailed history of my life with CF (Read my CF history summary here!)

It was so nice to go back to Urbana, take a walk down memory lane and I'm very happy with our turnout Here to the Naperville Walk (May 17th)! Also, make sure to scroll down and read about the awesome in the mail fundraiser idea I got from a couple friends (Or click here)
And I'm very happy with the amount we fundraised! We have another Walk in 2 weeks in Naperville, feel free to join us or donate:

So much is happening this week, Andrew's Birthday, Mom visiting, my last clinical trial appointment, and a BIG Clinic (where we discuss getting my stomach tube out!!!! FINALLY after 15 years)

So stay tuned for the updates :-)

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