Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Else Should I Do?

Need Some Feedback.

      May has almost come to an end. I love May, nice weather, summer starts, AND its Cystic Fibrosis
Awareness Month! A lot of the CF walks are in may and its a great time to raise funds and awareness for CF! However, I'm also excited that it will be June soon! June 28th is the Princeton Cystic Fibrosis Walk. I've helped organize other events in the past. Whether for school or other non-profits I've volunteered at, but this CF Walk is a little different. It is the first time, I've put together a City event. Or put together an event that is so near and dear to my heart. I'm so thankful that I had so many people sign up so quickly. Pretty much everyone family member I have on my mom's side signed up the first day. And I've have had some family and friends help me (giving me ideas, helping me recruit, etc). But, Its the first time I didn't have a committee or team behind me to help execute the ideas and actually plan the event. I love planning, so I have enjoyed every bit, but because I've put so much into this, I'm nervous it won't completely succeed. If this walk succeeds or fails I feel like is really mostly my doing, which I think is why I'm so nervous. I'd be really proud and beyond excited if we can reach our goal of 100 walkers and raise $10,000 for CF research! We've reached 55 walkers and raised $2,200 so far. Over 45 of those walkers are my family and/or close friends.
     I guess I've hit a wall and I'm not sure how to get more people from the community invovled. We've been at 55 walkers since April. I've contacted all the radio stations, sent off press releases to 4 newspapers/newletters. We had a beautfiul story printed in the BCR (even on the front page) about Cystic Fibrosis and the walk (Read the Paper's Story HERE). I put up flyers all over the town. And I've sent more letters out to other family and friends that I wanted personally invite to join us at the walk. I've been tweeting, facebooking, and pushing the walk via all social media outlets (Check out the CF Walk page on my Blog) . I'm in the middle of sending invites and donation letters to businesses which will help us raise more money. But I'm not sure how to get more people to come to the walk.
    Do I need to plan more for the walk? I have pizza, chips, and dessert planned for post- walk. During registrationI have a couple people who are going to do face painting, I'll have music playing, and there will be some raffles. I've been thinking about doing a 50/50 raffle too. I thought about a photo booth type idea... And how else can I get the news out that we are hosting a walk? I guess I'm in need of some feedback to figure out what everyone else thinks!

What would you do to get more people involved? What activities would you plan?

Please feel free to leave comments below or message me personally with any feedback. I just want to make this a fun and exciting event that will raise lots of money for CF research. So any and all feedback will be helpful, the more minds involved the better the event will be :-)


  1. It sounds like you're doing a great job of organizing this. I would guess you'll have a lot of people who register the day of the walk. Since you have such a supportive group already maybe encouraged them to get their friends to sign up. Make it into a competition and have prizes for the person who raises the most money and the person who convinces the most walkers to sign-up.

  2. Competition is a great idea. I could prolly gets ome local shops etc to give me gifts to give away (like gift cards,etc). Hmmmm.. I like where you are going with this. And thanks, I'm trying, but def. need to make a committee to help me out next year. Thanks Kym!