Monday, June 23, 2014

Amazing, Terrific,Yet Disbelieving News!


I had another appointment today at 9:30. I came back last night on the train to go to it. I've been really looking forward to this day for a while. I've had a lot of setbacks with surgeries and procedures in the past. So I was really nervous that my Surgen. Doc C. would push the stomach tube removal surgery back a few weeks. My plan was to get it out first week of July. I've had the stomach tube in since 1997 (Read all about my Stomach Journey Here). Needless to say, I was super excited to talk to the surgeon about getting it out. I know some patients in the past just had them taken out and their holes closed up quickly on their own. However, this thought freaked me out whenever it entered my mind. I've had my g-tube in for 15 years, so sewing it shut will be my only option right?

Wrong... Cuz guess what happened today??? My surgeon took out my G-tube...

Here is me right afterwards in the car. Don't worry I didn't post a picture of the actual hole once the tube was taken out. However, if you would like to see it (If you are getting one out and are nervous), just
comment below and I can email you it.

But, here is the rather funny story about how it came out.... I had only planned on scheduling a surgery for its removal today and had no idea he'd take it out. I got in there and told him Doc B gave me permission to have it out. I asked him how he'd remove it. And he said well let's see here. It's a peg right? So.. (and he started putting on gloves and got a syringe...)

 I was like " whoa, are you taking it out? Now? Don't I need to have a small surgery to get it sewn up. I mean it's been in there for 15 years."

He then explained to me that really the stomach would collapse in around the hole (in the actual stomach) and close very fast. That if they used stitches I'd have a greater risk of infection. That this way I'd have no restrictions, I can eat and drink whatever, shower, etc. No problems. He said the outside skin would take a little longer to heal (up to a couple weeks). I had to keep gauze over it and clean it frequently. But, otherwise, I'd be fine and it will heal nicely.

I told him about my fear about the scar ending up dipping inward (like a permanent poke mark on my stomach). I want it to be flat. He said I should be pleased with the way it heals, but if I'm not let him know and he can reccommend me to a plastic surgeon to make it look the way I want. So that's nice to know, it can be fixed up a little if I'm unhappy.

Overall, I'm a little concerned, but since it came out at 10am this morning, it hasn't been leaking or anything. And I think its shrunk a little already, I guess it has been fine. I've been off and on a little nauseous and a little sore. But my tube was raw around it by the time I got it taken out. So that might be why. I'm not that scared about it healing, because I trust Surgeon C.

My only worries are that now that it is gone, my safety net is gone. If I drop in weight, a night feeding can't be done to pump my calories up. Which means working a lot harder on my part with eating and keeping up with my energy level. But I'm ready for this new challenge and privilege I have be given. I need to focus on how amazing it is to hug someone and not worry about my tube snagging. I gave Andrew a BIG HUG I can't wait for it HEAL!!!!!!!

Also side note: Princeton Walk is on Saturday, June 28th We have 110 walkers and have a goal of raising $10,000 (Read about the Walk here)

Next Monday I have my next clinic and I get screened for my next Clinical trial too! I'll keep you posted on how my weight is there and how the healing is going! And I hope to see everyone Saturday at the walk! :-)

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