Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flip Flops, Family, and Sunshine

Picnic Time:

This saturday was my family picnic at City County Park! It was sooo much fun. We had over 30 people show up, which was amazing! It had been years since we did a family picnic. We used to do multiple park days a summer, but that was before Grammer (my grandma) passed away in 2010. It's crazy, we went this long. Usually she was the one who'd bring it up and then we'd plan and it was always a good time. Well, since she passed away I just think nobody thought about it. We do still do weekly family lunches, but hadn't done any family park days. Here is a picture of a few of us from one of the picnics from about 10 years ago.. Grammer is in the middle, and yes I'm wearing a 4th of July swim suit and bandana... But just focus on the adorable lil cousin, that I'm holding :-) She's 14 now... wow, time has flown by...

I love how close my whole family is. I could show up to any cousin, aunt or uncles and walk in without knocking, at any time ( night or day) just to say to hi... We have a Facebook (closed) group and the Aunts and Uncles keep everyone updated on stuff. We also decide on that page where our weekly family lunch will be. Every week we tend to get together at different places to eat and anyone who is off work that day will come. Not everyone can come every week, but over the course of a month you get to see almost everyone at some point.

Its helpful having a big supportive family with CF. They all visit me in the hospital. Send me crazy cards and cool family homemade videos! And they always know how to make me smile. I'm completly comfortable around all of them. They know when I'm sick, don't feel well, and when I'm doing great! I love that we are all so involved with each other. It makes life a lot happier and quite a bit easier too! Especially for me. Each one offered to donate bone marrow to mom when she was sick. And all of them would gladly give me blood, kidney, even a lung if needed it. If I could do the same for them I would too.. That's the meaning of family and having a family like that can really keep a person positive even if CF has really gotten me down for any reason.. <3 family is everything to me.

So I've been missing everyone and  decided we needed to do a park day! Most of my cousins have little kids (2 or more), so its the perfect place for the kids to play and adults to sit and chat! The guys tend to play horseshoes. A few of us played frisbee and bocee ball too! And we of course filled ourselves up with hotdogs, brats, potato salald, pea salad, pasta salad, veggies & dip, fresh cut fruit, hummus and pita chips, and cake! YUM! My family never goes hungry. We always have lots of food at our family functions. LOVE IT!

Only thing that didn't go over so well was the sun... It was bright and definitely did damage to some of us. I got so sunburnt. I always get sick and feel exhausted after getting really sunburnt. So for the last 24 hours I've been really tired and napping. However, the park was so much fun. It was worth it!

I love the summer, I prefer shorts and flip flops. However, the sun and I are not always friends. And this is one of those cases. Can't believe none of us remember sunblock. hahaha.

Now next weekend I have a cousin's birthday party and the weekend after that is the CF Walk in Princeton!!!!! I'm excited to announce I met with a couple ladies that have been going around asking for business donations. And we have raised quite a bit! So hopefully, we will reach $10,000 and have over 100 walkers there. Today we are currently at 96 walkers!

We have a ton of raffle prizes, so lots of walkers will go home with gift certificates and other goodies! Make sure you don't miss out! Hopefully, it be this warm and sunny out the day of the walk too... However, we will need to remember the sunblock LOL!

OH AND HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to everyone who is a father (father-like)! :-)

My dad is absolutely amazing. PLEASE take the time to read this I wrote about him a while back, Read about my amazing dad right here every bit still applies to him! Love him!

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