Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cheriz the Lab Rat & the Unpleasantries...

I'm a Lab Rat!

Yep, that's right I started a new clinical trial yesterday! I did one clinical trial from November of 2013 until last month and now I'm starting another one! I love everything about it (scroll down to read last weeks' post about why I do clinical trials). I was really excited to start this trial, its a new drug for me. My last trial consisted of me just doing meds/stuff I already do, this time I really felt more like a lab rat.

Now, don't get me wrong, we aren't quite lab rats, these meds have gone through previous testing. Not that it matters much to me, I'd do it anyway. I've always been a little obsessed with experiments. Let's face it I was a Psychology Major and the classes I excelled at most were Statistical Reserach and Research Method classes, so yes.... you may call me a nerd. But I loved proving the importance of research through statistical analysis. I actually enjoy being involved in the clinical trials and reading the published results.

So here I am chilling in the Doc's office.

After the appointment, I came home and chilled. I did meds, packed some for the big MOVE (read about it HERE). Then Andrew and I had some fried Cod for dinner. It was delicious, I really love fish. YUM!!!

However, here come the unpleasantries..

I had a coughing attack right after dinner and ended up throwing up my entire dinner. Ew, why am I telling you this? Its gross right... Well its a part of my life.  Laying down the wrong way can cause me to cough. Coughing leads to throwing up quite often. I stopped drinking milk, cause I found that made it worse. Since cutting milk out I've cut down how much I throw up. However, coughing attacks sometimes come out of nowhere... and I can't control it. Also, in the winter or when its cold out that can cause some issues too! I cough more when my lungs breathe in the cold air and if I have recently eaten, uh oh, it just happens. I throw up my meals, life is always exciting with me. But nobody wants to throw up all the time, so how do I try to avoid this...

1. I carry a bottle of water or gatorade with me (taking sips while coughing to try suppress it)

note: normally I would never suppress my cough. BUT, if it means keeping my high calorie meal down, then suppress

2. I don't go out in the cold until my food has settled for 20 minutes (similar to swimming after

and lastly...

3. I watch my breathing while I'm eating ( I noticed I'm sooo thristy I tend to forget to breathe while glugging down my whole drink). I also try not to drink a lot until after I have eaten anymore (just to make sure I don't fill up on my drink). This also helps me gain wight (I have lots of other weight gain tips & recipes Here!) and I love FOOD, but don't love having it come back up. So for the most part these three simple tricks have helped (along with cutting out a lot of dairy)!

I know lots of CFers have issues with food, lots of us are diagnosed with IBS, Gastroparesis, sometimes even Crohn's or just have lots of intestinal blockages and surgeries (like me). Our stomachs are sometimes more trouble than our lungs and this is overlooked a lot. Most people think this is a "lung disease" but really it affects much more than that! My intestinal operations were very serious and the scariest moments (those moments when your not sure if you will be okay or not...). My intestines scare me way more than my lungs! So please understand we have other issues besides lung problems. For example here is a pin I found that helps illustrate this point.

Hope this helps you understand a little bit more!

 * And remember never expect me to eat a quick dinner and walk to the car from the restuarant in the winter, or uh oh spaghettios... Just ask my Aunts... They can vouch it ain't pleasant!

OH, and some GREAT NEWS: Some more checks have been made out the CF Foundation on behalf of our walk, so our total is even a little higher. I'll keep updating the amount! Check back next week for a new total! And if you haven't read about the Walk--- check out the results Right Here!

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