Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Future & Family Wknd

Missin My Family:

I've been living in my current apt for almost 2 months. I love the area, the festivals, the small hometown feel. I've always been a small town girl. I like visitng bigger & busier places; but I can't deal with traffic everyday. Living in Chicago Area was difficult. My docs office was only 9 miles away, but took 40 minutes to get there. Back in my hometown I could go 9 miles in 9-12 minutes. CRAZY. I just couldn't handle it. So the move here was very welcomed. BUT, I don't know anyone around here. I'm still not able to work due to my stomach tube hole not being healed. It stills leaks and I have problems with it a lot. Which is okay, I've dealt with medical problems before. However, I can't work and I'm in a new town. Which means a lot of me sitting at home bored. I'm taking real estate classes two days a week, but that's not enough.

Why and I doing classes? Well, I went to Graduate School in the fall of 2013 (Read About What Happened w/ Grad School Here!) and I ended up in the hospital a LOT. I had to withdraw and I kinda have come to realize over the last year that I can't keep up with doing school full time. Its too much anymore for me to get through a whole Grad 2 year progarm it would take me probably 5 years part time. I don't want to dedicate that much more time to school (for a degree I'm gonna use only part time). Especially when I have always wanted my real estate license (and for it to be my main focus). I've been designing houses on graph paper and going to open houses for fun since I was 8 years old. I started taking real estate classes 2 years ago, but I got sick and had to withdraw. 2013 was a really rocky year medically. However, I'm finishing up real estates classes this December and I'm doing great. I'm completely recovered from my cold and I'm doing amazing in my classes! I can't wait to get licensed and start working. As an independent Contractor (Real Estate Broker) I can work from my home and not have to compromise my health for a job or school anymore! And I can't wait! I can still do work with non-profits and help them with PR and Media! I love planning the events and helping to update the groups' online publicity. However, its not going to be my career. Real Estate will be.

So only going to classes and being bored that last couple months put me into a funk. Just a pure boredom, what am I going to do today, ugh guess I'll watch a movie kinda funk. And I love movies, but seriously I needed to go somewhere or do something. So Andrew told me to go visit my family!

So this weekend...
I got to Princeton Friday around lunch time and I spent the day with mom. We ate up town (even got balckberry pie from favorite pie place). Then we did some main street window shopping. We worked on a "artsy project" with photography I'm doing for someone. I can't say more they prolly will read my blog in the next day or so. Then Friday Night I got to go out with my girls. A couple of my girlfriends had to work, but a handful of us went out to eat and caught up! I have 6 of my really good friends that still live in my hometown, and it was AMAZING just gabbing away all night.

Saturday I drove from Princeton to a Orchard between my hometown and where my
sister lives. She lives an hour further away. So we met at the Orchard. We ate a lot of samples, apple picked, got some cider donuts, and carmel apples. I love Tanners Orchard, we went there a lot as a kid. I mean a lot. More than the average family from Princeton (Tanners is 40 mins away). We stopped at it on our way home from Peoria (where I went for CF doc and every time I was in the hospital as a kid). So Tanners is very nostalgic to me.

I thought it would be colder out, so my long sleeves and skinny jeans really made me uncomfortably hot in the fields picking apples and I prefer picking blueberries. But it was a great trip, love it every time!

  Pic on right: Me picking apples, boy was it sunny and hot out! 

We spent the whole day saturday just chatting on her couch and we watched a movie later that evening. We went to her church (She teaches at that private school) on Sunday and then ate a delcious local cafe for brunch, before I headed back to Princeton. I got to hangout with my parents and my friend Sarah once I was back in my hometown! Sarah came over for a little on Sunday because she had to work that night we all went out. So I was glad we could still hangout. Then mom made homemade mostaccioli for dinner before I had to get on the road again for the final 1.5 hour drive home!!! I ate sooo much that I'm sure it will help with my weight gaining. I'm down to 101 from 108 lbs from my stomach tube hole leaking. If I fall below triple digits I will cry. I haven't been below them in a year and never want to go back there!

So here I am at home currently. and whew after all that driving I'm a lil tuckered out. But, here are a couple of exciting things before I call it a night.

First, it was cool be able to bring my vest with and use it somewhere other than home! Remember I got a new smaller edition that can travel in a duffel with rolly wheels :-) Check out the post showing the difference in the two vest models. Read "Shake, Shake, Shake" here!

Pic left: Check it- me doing my vest at my parent's house!!!

and secondly, I have a PRE-SURGICAL appointment made for this Friday 10:30 to see my surgeon to schedule a time to fix my stomach tube hole! YAY! So ready for this. Not about the surgery itself, but for the "being fixed and it dones with" part. Can't wait! I'll keep you all posted!

Oh and my friend Amanda gets married this coming up Saturday! The Wedding is in the Wisconsin Dells, so Andrew and I are making a mini-vacation out of it. Our first wknd trip together (other than visiting  friends, etc)!!! Can't wait! And Amanda and Jake's Wedding is going to be a blast and beautiful!    and yes I will be rolling my vest along with me :-)

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