Friday, September 26, 2014

Weight Down & Surgery (Tube explained)

Pre-Op Appt:

 I had my consultation with Doc C. (my surgeon). Yep, Doc B ( my CF Doc) and I were right. I need surgery. Oh, boy! (sarcastic voice) But, it could be worse. I could still need a G-tube. Let's catch ya up if you are new or don't know the details.  Here is the 3 link journey through my life with a stomach tube!

First: Why I got it and I how I feel about it: "Tu-be or not Tu-be"
Secondly, The day I got it out: "Amazing, Terrifying,& Disbelieving News"
Lastly, my problems once it is out: "Healing & Fighting"
which led to this surgery & post...

You may be a frequent reader and have read them, but just in case the links will fill you in!

Okay, so what's the problem? Why do I have to have the surgery. Well, #1 I've lost lots of weight since it came out.  I'm a 100.0 lbs (almost below triple digits). I worked soo hard in college to get into the 100s, I think I will cry if I drop to the 90s. I'm bummed I lost the weight. And no, it is not because I need the tube still. I didn't use the G-tube for a full 9 months and maintained 106-108 lbs easily for the last year. However, now that it is out I can't really eat. I have to be careful because the hole won't close and it leaks. If I'm going anywhere I don't want to eat before for fear it will leak. I don't mean a drippy roof, I mean if you had a tree fall through your roof and you had a big hole in it!!!!

If you are thinking about a G-tube please don't let this experience to deter you. It was still worth it and I still believe it saved my life for the 15 years I had it. AND you won't have the same experience with it healing probably. I had mine placed in 1997, which was before the Peg/ Blow-Up Balloon Tube. I had to have an acutal long tube attached and we coiled it around on my stomach skin and taped it up. A few months later I got changed to a button (but not the Peg/Mic-key) but a Bard. It was a hard plastic one where the ball end didn't deflate. They don't tend to use those anymore. AND Doc C (my surgeon) said now they can place them laporscopically, so none of these issues arise. So he has to fix the mess. My surgery in Oct 14th, so ready to get this over with, but sad I will miss a week's worth of Real Estate Classes.

The Surgery & how he is gonna fix me :-) I think my cartoon helps!

Left: me with the tube. Middle: Me now that the tube is out. See how the actual stomach organ is attached and fused into my abdomen wall. So Doc C has to go in, unattach (carefully rip it off basically) it and put my stomach back where it belongs, then stitch up the stomach organ and my abdomen/stomach skin. It will be a 2 inch vetical scar right over where the hole/tube was.

Yep, that's the surgery. He said I'll have to stay in over night probably, then a week recovery. With coughing its always sore healing and I'm preparing for a bowel obstruction. Because after surgeries I always have intestinal issues for awhile. Pain meds don't get along with me, so I usually watch a show I love like "Downton Abbey" and focus on that. 

This weekend we are going to the Wisconsin Dells for a Wedding, so I'm very much looking forward Andrew & I's mini-vacation.  My friend getting married and the weekend away will take my mind off my surgery and the past week. (read posts below to see how the week has gone & read my tribute to Laura, it is still super hard). But I'm looking forward and pushing myself. Getting my stomach hole fixed, putting all that weight back on, and getting back to classes and life!!! Focus. Focus. Focus.

What do you do while you heal to take your mind off it??????I watch marathons, design houses, surf the web, and BLOG! lol

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