Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Real Scoop Behind Working

How Working Works:

Since surgery on the 14th I've been really concentrating on catching up in Real Estate. Since the chaos that happened (pre-surgery) I wasn't able to work. So I haven't worked since June. Its crazy, since in 2013, I worked 2 jobs and was taking classes all year, but now I sit at home. 2013 was very tough on me medically. My lung function decreased and I spent over 1/3 of the year on anitbiotic pills and spent over 2 months in the hospital for infections, etc. Since my surgery is over, once I'm healed I can go back to work. Which got me thinking...

I have 51% lung function and Doc B said if it goes down to 49 next clinic (in two weeks) then we may discuss a hospitalization and IV antibiotics to bump up my numbers. In October of 2013 I went from 48 to 64% after a week on IVs in the hospital. Also, since I have stitches in my stomach (the actual organ) and on the outside (on my skin too) I can't use my vest machine. So my lungs are getting even worse and more junky.

I really need to work on this and get my weight back up too. I lost around 8 lbs from my stomach problems. So with all that and classes Andrew thinks I should not go back to work yet. And to be honest I could use the time to study in order to Ace my Real Estate Class and Lincensing Test. If all goes as planned I will be licnesed this Dec or Jan!

So why am I going into Real Estate? To be honest if you know me you know I have struggled over the years to find my career path. For example: in college I did 3 years as an undergrad in Geology, but was unable medically to attend the field camp. I was told I should consider the teaching option. I didn't want to teach. And my Doc had always reccommended I not work in a school or daycare. Well, the DayCare rule I broke for 9 months because I enjoyed it and it was a small school. In college, I took 4 electives in Architecture for fun. I loved Architecture and studying Frank Lloyd Wright in my spare time. But, I knew it was a job with long hours and traveling. Neither fit into my needed life style. Which is when I decided to settle with Psychology and do Grad School for either Orgainzational Psych or Social Work. I had always been curious about the human mind and our thought process. I loved Psychology and I'm glad I got my degree in it. However, when it came time to do Grad School, I had to take a few years in between to get my lung function & weight back up. I needed to focus on me.

While at U of I, I fluctuated in weight between 90-101 lbs. By the time I graduated I was 92 lbs and only 38% lung function. Finally in 2013 I was ready to go back to college for Grad School. I was 108 lbs and 50% lung function. I started at Dominican University and ended up really sick again and in the hospital. I missed over a month and a half of classes. I had to withdraw and then I struggled the following semester and was unable to go back. I knew there was no way Grad School would be in my future. I can't really learn online very well, I'm more of a "in the classroom" learner. So I had to figure out a new plan.

Pics from 2013 - Hospitalizations and IVs.. Not want I want to keep happening.

I had taken Real Estates Classes & passed some courses a few years ago. But I didn't pursue the licensing at the time due to a virus that attacked my body landing me in the hospital. Time flew by and then it was too late. But I loved learning about it. I decided I needed to give it a second try.

Why? Well, there are a few reasons. First, being a Real Estate Broker means I make my own hours and its a little more flexible. I still work a lot of hours, but if I need to take time off for meds I can. The income is purely "commission based". I can do a lot of the work from home. Imagine me updating a MLS while doing therapies. How cool is that! But there is a bigger reason...

This may be weird, so if you don't believe me ask my mom. When I was around 8 years old mom and dad took my sister and I through a few open houses (just to look) and I loved it. I kept begging mom to go through open houses with me in the future for fun. And I still do this regularly. Also, shortly after the age of 8 I started buying magazines filled with floor plans. Every time I had clinic in Peoria we would go to Barnes & Nobles. Ada would get a book and I got a magazines filled with blue prints. Then Mom bought me graphing paper and I started designing my own. I have a huge binder filled with houses I've designed from childhood to recent.
See pic to the left...

 I was more than obsessed. When my sister and the neighbors were drawing flowers or hearts on the driveway, I was drawing floor plans. I'd run inside: "Mom, come walk through my house" I'd then play pretend that I was an agent. Not kidding.

Here is the biggest (honest) reason I didn't go right into real estate. I wanted a bachelor's degree and also I know Real Estate is an independent field. So I wouldn't have a steady salary with any benefits. I was terrified by the idea of not having good medical benefits. It still scares me but I know that once Andrew is teaching he will have good benefits. So whew.. I'm going to give Real Estate a chance.

I really think it will be the perfect fit for me. I can work extra hard the months I'm healthy and step back a bit when I start feeling sick. I can arrange my schedule as needed and best of all... I will actually LOVE my career!!

My Cystic Fibrosis controls a large chunk of my day. I need:  9 breathing treatments (3 sets of 3 throughout the day), 1 hour of a vest treatment, to maintain 3,000 calories and get at least 8-9 hours of sleep. Having a career with CF (for me) needs a careful balance in order to pay the bills and keep my health up! It can be tough work, but eventually it all worked out for me! I hope... lol

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