Sunday, November 9, 2014

Today's CF Climb & a few ?s

Racing up 58 Flights For Me:

Aw, isn't he sweet! Andrew (my Boyfriend) raced up the 58 flights of stairs in Chicago at the Cf Climb to raise money for our Team ("like" our Facebook Page)! He raised $425 today and did an amazing job! I'm soo proud of him! To read about last year's climb (for pics) click here for CF Climb 2013!

Right Pic: Andrew enjoying the breakfast and fueling up before the climb! Below: Andrew's time recorded! 

This year Andrew did it in 22 minutes and 13 seconds! Which means his avearge (if I did the math right) was
22.9 seconds per flight! He may have been a little disappointed since his time was slower than last year, but I think at least some of that had to do with the way they had the people line up this year.

Pic Right: Andrew just coming out of the stairwell... 

Last year they announced 3 groups to line up to sort of divide the people up. This way the fastest people were first and didn't have to go around slower climbers. First group is Elite: under 10 minutes, 2nd group is Competitive: under 20 minutes( the group Andrew anticipated) and then recreational for people like me. Andrew was planning on trying to be at the front pack of the competitive group. However, when they announced it this year it they said the time for the 2nd group was an end time of 13 minutes. Since Andrew's goal time was 17 minutes, he figured he'd go in the next group. But it turns out they didn't add another group, just had everyone wanting over 13 minutes go as "recreational". And Andrew was in the middle of the pack. There were over 260 some runners (so probably middle of a group of 100 people). So even though he was discouraged a little, when he told me the first 10 flights were him trying to pass people in the stairwell to get ahead of them, I realized he probably lost a least a few minutes trying to get around the mass of children, and people who like me (intended to take their time).

So don't be hard on yourself Andrew, you did amazing and I'm very proud! I really wanted to do it this year, but with my stomach surgery scar just fully healing now (sort of done ish), I'm not quite ready for that climb!
We did get our picture taken together though!

However, I do plan on doing it next year and if anyone wants to do it "recreationally". Walk as slow as we want and stop every 5 floors for my small coughing attacks, let me know! I'd love to have some climbing buddies. :-)

Make sure to check the older post (below) I added the promo video we did (and it will give you a taste of what Andrew did today)! Not only did he run up 58 flights for CF, he did it for me. AND in the process raised another $425 for CF research. This brings our total up to $14,526 for the year of 2014! check out how much we raised at each function: on this Page HERE! 

Please do take the time to check out that page, it has lots of great info and has a full list of the events I want to attend next year. I travel to multiple sites so friends in other cities (like U of I buddies in Champaign), can be involved too! So if you want to walk in your city, let me know. Also, you can join in for Chicago's FestivAle (if you would enjoy a night of food & beer) AND of course I'd love for EVERYONE to come to Princeton's NEW Great Strides Walk! So if you want to join at any of these events let me know. More dates will be posted in the next month or two!

So thank you to everyone who helped make this happen today! What an amazing day for Team CF2! I can't believe how much just my family, friends, and community could raise for research and how much support the CF community has received from them!

I have a lot of walkers who have dedicated their time to more than one event over many years! So much to love everyone! THANK YOU!

Which CF Walk Location/ CF Event you have done is your favorite and why? (this will also help me make our Princeton Walk better- with new ideas). So please leave your comment below or on the FB comments. 

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