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2014: Expressed by Pictures

See all the Pictures (let it download)!

This is a picture reveiw of 2014! 2013 was a tough year medically. But then again, every year has its up and downs. Read & see our picture reveiw of 2013 (cuz whew it was a doozy). While 2013 was medically exhausting, 2014 was a year of more emotional up and downs. Follow along my year with all the pictures that captured the moments.

The year started off with my needing oral antibiotics (CIPRO). 
Which I've been developing a more severe allergy to them.

My lungs got better... and I was doing a clinical trial!

My stomach tube was leaking so bad
This blog post here explains a lil how I felt & feel trying to keep up

My stomach tube was trouble almost all year!

In April:
Andrew planned a great date at Starved Rock and spent the next day with my family for my 29th Birthday!

I starting heavily planning for our FIRST Princeton CF Walk

We celebrated Andrew's Birthday in May & went to 2 Great Strides Walks (Champaign & Naperville)

Here is a video of the speech I gave at Champaign Walk
Here is why I take an active part in curing CF

In June I got my stomach tube out & had to take medical leave from work

Which never healed, but I was focused on our CF Walk!

On June 28th 2014 we raised over $13,500 for CF!

Later this year we found out our walk became an official Great Strides Walk!
Make sure to read all about our WALK HERE & Join un this year 6-27-15

August was the big move to Sycamore/DeKalb & Andrew continued classes at NIU 
and I started to get a little sick. So back on Cipro.

I had such a bad reaction to it, Doc stopped the meds
& officially was then allergic to every antiobiotic that fights my psuedo (IV wise)

Sept 23rd: My beautiful best friend (Laura) lost her life to CF after a 33 year long battle.

Please read her journey and story here: we were a team and she was the spirit & love!

In  Sept we attended the CF Chicago FestivAle.
We also celebrated a good friend's wedding & took a mini (3 day) vacation to the Dells
I wrote a fun lil post about it Here!

Meanwhile, my stomach still wasn't healed and leaking way worse, so not back to work.
Got it scheduled though and finished up my 2nd clinical trial of the year!

Beginning of October we did our 4th Great Strides Walk of the year!

And at the Peoria Walk I saw Doctor Chatrath. Read why this man is my hero
& how he saved my life!

October 14th I had surgery to fix the fistula that had developed over the 13 years.

Read how the surgery went & the complications here (my tiny/pretty 2 inch scar)
& my night in the hospital

In November Andrew did the CF Climb again (so proud)!

read here to see how he did!

December was full of family & fun! We celebrated many occasions!

Including Andrew's Proposal to me! Read about it here!

So I finally was able to get my stomach tube out after needing it for 14 years, but my best friend passed away. I watched CF take another 4 friends (online peers). I celebreated a lot of life with multiple friends' weddings and 6 CF events (4 walks)! Princeton (my hometown) is now an annual walk site! And then in December Andrew proposed and I became the luckiest girl in the world (in my opinion)! Andrew is simply amazing and I can't wait to start 2015 knowing I will someday marry this man, the man of my dreams!

Hope everyone had a Happy New Years!

 I was only on oral antibiotics for a total of 3 weeks and NO IVS with only one major surgery. So I want to send some of my positive vibes to a CF friend of mine (Cloey)
 and some thoughts & prayers. She is only 13 with CF. She received her life saving double lung transplant last year in July and is now fighting chronic rejection!  Keep fighting lil chica, you are one tough cookie! 

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