Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cf & Wedding Planning

Does One Affect the Other:

In short, No not really. So why write about it. Well, they don't affect each other directly. I actually have found putting together the wedding to be fairly simple and fun. Nobody ever said "Oh its is fun and so easy" You always hear one of two replies. The first being "Its so stressful and time consuming" and the second "It's fun, you'll love it."  So I'm going to assume most people love it and hate it. In this post I'm going to explain some reasons I find planning a wedding easy and enjoyable, as well as some difficulties (including CF topics).

Reasons why it has been easy for me. I know the area, venues, caterers, Djs, Photographers in the area. I'm the organizer of the Princeton CF Great Strides Walk  and I've planned numerous other events too. It's all about being strategic and well planned. I took one day I had free and made all the calls for multiple quotes. I knew which caterer I wanted, what venue, etc. But I got others in case those first picks weren't within our budget.  After getting quotes (over the next few days) back from multiple venues, food, DJs, Photographers, and cake, I had those things all figured out within a week. I'm a super efficient person, which I why I love planning. I've always enjoyed putting together events (whether for work or for fun) and I've been in quite a few weddings (So I know a lot of what has to happen to put one together). I mean really a wedding is no different then a Great Strides event. Different venue, different type of food, music, activities. Same general principle for planning.

In many ways CF while complicating marriage and weddings, it can make it easier too. For example: My day to day life is super stressful. I have the normal stuff: Cleaning, running errands, paying bills, chores, some cooking, even studying, or working. But let me walk you through my day today. You may have had similar experiences in your past, but believe me when I say this happens at least once a week to me.

For example TODAY:  I'm currently starting a clinical trial: Read about it & health struggles here! So I need to make sure I'm 100% compliant with meds or it can skew the data. We are also currently fighting and re-appealing for the insurance to buy me the nebulizing (Cayston) machine I need in order to take Cayston. I'm supposed to alternate Cayston and Tobi every other month to fight my psudeomonas in my lungs (don't worry you can't catch it). But until I get my Cayston I have to keep taking Tobi every month, building up resistance to it. I've been on it since October!!! So needless to say I'm not feeling my absolute best (since my psudeo is kicking my butt), but luckily I'm not sick. So that's on on-going battle that I have to check into all the time. Then I wake up today and need to make an appointment with another doc/specialist I see. They say they will call me back. So I'm going to stay off my phone so they can reach me... WRONG. Doc B. calls to do my weekly check-up for the clinical trial. I get off the phone as quick as possible after answering all their questions. I look online to see why I haven't gotten my Tobi (meds) delivered yet. I ran out today and NEED it. Without it I will mess up the clinical trial and with no antibiotic inhaled med I will end up on IVs. So it says even though I placed an order Saturday (meaning I should of gotten it delivered on tues), they don't have a record of it. So I re-order it online & half hour later my phone rings. Its the pharmacy saying they can't fill my Tobi because I refilled it last month and my prescription says every other month. I explained I'm not getting Cayston, so I'm on it continuously until then... So I have to call Doc B's office (which my one complaint is you always get put on hold and sometimes accidentally hung up on). I explained to (so&so- the person who deals w insurance). They said they'd fix it  today. So now I have to just wait and call the CF pharmacy back tomorrow and hope they shipped my Tobi. If I get my Tobi tomorrow I'll only miss two doses. If I get it the day after tomorrow I will miss four and I'm not sure if that interferes with the trial. So then I go back to waiting for the other doc to call about setting up an appointment. An hour later they call and set me up an appointment. Now that might not sound to stressful. But I'm on the phone everyday off and on with all these places. Sometimes I have to call the insurance too. I have an appointment every week for the next three weeks for various things and each place calls me 1 even 2 times (sometimes) for reminders. Walgreens calls me daily for my other meds refill reminders. Plus, they usually call 1 more time each day to tell me if they can be picked up or are delayed. Its a lot of remembering and calling. I have around 20 prescriptions I have to keep track off that run out at different times. At least one med a week gets denied that I have to call around and fix. Scheduling and planning. My whole life has been like this. My whole life is stressful.

So believe me when I say this wedding planning is a piece of cake.

Honestly, they only part that had me stressed out like crazy was deciding on bridal party and guests.

Why? because they are too many people! Andrew and I want a smaller wedding. 1. It's what we both picture (sweet, charming, intimate) 2. Also, the more people the faster the budget for the wedding grows (we are paying for our wedding ourselves)

So for Bridal party basically I have 10 girls I love. LOVE all 10 sooo much. But its too big for a wedding party. So it took me forever to figure what I was going to do. People can suggest a million ideas, it doesn't make it any easier. It's tough. I want all my girlfriends to be by my side. However, after much debate we figured out what we were going to do. As far as guests... well we want it small. Andrew has 40 family members all together (including paternal and maternal sides)... And I know what your thinking.... Cheriz, You're a Kunkel so good luck. WELL guess what not only does the Kunkel side have around 65 people (aunts, uncles, cousins), but my mom's side is EVEN BIGGER. That's right. So that alone brought us to 170 with bridal party and spouses. So that's the toughest part. Keeping it small. That's basically the only tough part to wedding planning (so far).

So planning the wedding itself is pretty straight forward. And overall, it has been fairly simple. But, As far as marriage... Insurance, medical coverage... That's enough info for a whole 2nd post. So I'll wait to share about that another time soon... So check back for Part 2 : CF, Marriage, & Insurance (the reason some CFers never get married).

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