Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 12 of IV Antibiotics

Time for an Update:

Tuesday is my follow up appointment to see how these new IV meds are working. As you know Doc changed my IV meds out for different ones, because my first 7 days worth of Aztreonam & Tobra didn't do much and I still felt sick a week later (this was last tues). Well, he switched it up from Aztreonam (the med I usually do on IVs) to Piperacillin (which I haven't been on in since around 2010). Piperacillian is slightly related to another antibiotic that I'm allergic to, so he was hesitant. But, I told him I had done it before and was fine. And he knows we are running out of options for meds (I'm allergic to the 3 main antibiotics that CFers take for their psuedomonas).  Picture right: Some of the medical supplies I got.

And guess what.... I think its working. My energy is coming back, my coughs are actually getting better. I haven't used my rescue inhaler for a couple days, AND I can tell I'm on the right track.

So I did 7 days on the first two meds and another 7 days on the new meds. Normally my IV "tune ups" last 14 days. But considering not much happened the first week, Doc may add another week to be more aggressive.

Hey, if it means better lung function and me even healthier then I'm okay with it. We will have to see what happens on Tuesday at my appointment (which I'm stressing out over driving too). I HATE driving in snow, Andrew has to work, and I'm not very excited about it. But this appointment is important for him to see my current lung function to see if I need more meds or not. So I will deal with it.

And I got the Eclipse Balls on Friday, so now I'm not mixing and hanging my IV bags anymore and no need for an IV pole either. YAY! So my life got a littler easier. If you didn't see my Video in last post (scroll down to next post).

Pic left: My IV meds, Nebulizers, etc in our fridge.

Other big news: I will be officially getting some results with the Princeton Walk this week! If you're looking for an amazing way to help out and fight CF. Consider Joining our Walk on 6-27-15 (you can even be a virtual walker), or donate to one of our walkers!    Just CLICK HERE!

Also, as far as Wedding Talk... We got our Save-the- Dates the other day and will be sending them out shortly! We had to make some tough choices, but we have everything for the wedding figured out. Guest List, Venue, Music, etc....

I'm soooo glad that in the last 5 days these new IV meds have really helped! So happy that everything is finally getting back to normal. Whew. Well as normal as my "CF Life" can be. Now to start working out again (now that I have energy for it).  And hopefully my health will show a BIG increase on Tuesday at Docs and will continue to improve with working out, etc.

I can't wait to blog Tues/Wed with an Update!

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