Sunday, March 1, 2015

Great Conversations & my lil Rehab

It Gives Ya Hope:

Hope, what? I'm never not full of HOPE right?  No, I always have hope, even when I don't think I do, Sometimes all you need is a reboot, being around family or friends, or just certain conversations.

I came home (to my hometown/ parent's house) this weekend. Yes, I call Princeton, home still. But in my defense, I also call my current apartment my home too... I was excited to come visit! My sister, dad, mom, and I don't all get together as much as we would like to. Sadly, Andrew didn't get to come with me, he had to work all weekend. He's saving his time off for 1: our wedding (this August) and 2: any future medical mishaps I have (where he has to take off work) AND you never know with me. So he was bummed to not
be able to visit, but Mom, Dad and I skyped with him last night. hahaha. It was hilarious. Mom sitting in front of the computer in her armchair and me and dad stooped over to get our heads into the camera view. Haha.

Ada was even home for a bit (before the weather started getting bad), and overall, it was just nice goofing off, chatting, and being lazy around my folk's house! We all hang out in the living room, dad sprawls across the couch, mom has her little chair/ ottoman, surrounded by her enormous amounts of yarn for crocheting. Then usually, Andrew and I will sit on the little love seat and make Ada sit on the couch by dad. And its sooo silly, but just thinking that makes me smile. Some of my favorite memories or trips are home, are when we are just hanging out and chatting in the living room! Plus, Ada, Andrew, and Mom love to bake (so there are usually goodies). I like to lick the spoons of course....Haha, I help, but I cook more than bake ;-)

I'm so glad I came home a little early before the lunch meeting and got to spend time with my sister. I loved all the time I got to spend with my family this weekend. Also, the lunch meeting I had scheduled went great. I met with another Team Leader who is doing the Great Strides Walk in Princeton, IL (yay!). I'm really trying to get about 5-6 teams to sign up, with at least 150-200 people total in attendance this year! Last year was the first year for the walk (read about it here), this being our 2nd year the CF Foundation listed us as an official Great Strides Walk site! however, I've been doing great strides walks since 2008. I formed a "real" team in 2012 and it doubles or triples every year (so far, I'm very lucky to have such good friends, family, and community). So this Team leader met with me to pick my brain a bit and learn more about CF  & me. He had lots of great ideas and it was a great way to start our Great Strides Season off! That's right so much more to do! I got the sponsor letters, donation letters done, etc. But still so much more to do!

So Saturday was full of great conversations, things to look forward to and so much more. Last night, I hung out with my family ( who doesn't love hanging out with my parents) and friends in Princeton, even got a nice piece of blueberry dutch pie from my favorite cafe!

However, there is one conversation that is sticking with me that I had last night. I'm so glad we got on the topic of working out. Here is where you may want to scroll down or read my last post (here). As you can tell I've been struggling with lung and GI issues. I'm going all my meds ( 11 breathing treatments a day) and was on IVs for awhile. Well, I'm not excepting this lower number as my new baseline for my lungs. There has to be more I can do. Well, I did need that machine to use the Cayston medicine that my body needed and had been without for months!  YAY!  So I added that med into my routine, but still I'm not satisfied. I want my 60% lung function back. Well, last night someone asked me to do a walk/jog 5k with them in May!  It supports Colon Cancer too (which my uncle had & beat in the last 2-3 years). So I love this idea. It gives me something to work out for that I'm passionate about. PLUS, I wanted to do the 5K for ALS in July. However, more people run that one and I thought for my first 5k in 3 years I wouldn't be able to do it! But with my first one being a slower speed in May and a 2nd in July, I should be okay!

I further discussed how I have trouble working out. When I'm sick I don't work out, cuz I'm exhausted and not feeling well. Well, after my typical 2-3 weeks of being sick, its like starting all over again. Almost like my own little rehab. I also have super tight muscles from my Cerebral Palsy, and bad joints and bones from Arthrtitis. My hips pop in and out of place a lot. So I have to be careful. Its takes me sooo long to train and work up to walking even a mile. Let alone a 5K. But last night someone said to me not to get defeated when my first time back on the treadmill in months seems small. I can only do a few minutes, before I'm huffing and puffing.  Usually I get upset and don't go back to working out for another week or two, repeat, repeat. So nothing is being done. They told me to keep doing just that 5 minutes everyday for a week. Then do 10.... Start super small. It's gonna get frustrating, but with one 5K supporting Colon Cancer that my Uncle had and one 5k supporting ALS (which my friend Sean has. He guestblogged on here before), so I know I won't give up!

And why is this soooo exciting??? I'm hoping this new exercise routine will pay off big. I mean in 2012 I was my healthiest ever. jogging at night, being able to work part time, keep up with meds, weight was 110 lbs and lungs around 60%. I felt great, at the time I didn't realize how good I had it. Now I'm 48% and only 100 lbs I can tell I struggle more to breath, and do daily activities. So I need to give this go!!!!

Please help me, ask me if I'm doing it or how it's going? I need help to keep me accountable! I've had a roller coaster of a 9 months and I'm hoping this may help me turn it all around.

Plus, I want to be the healthiest I can when I marry Andrew, to start our life as a couple with me in the best health I can. That is the single greatest gift I could give him! Love him! 

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