Monday, March 16, 2015

New GI Doc (Whew)

Back to GI Office:

As you know I went to the GI doctor's little over a week ago and had a horrible experience. It was just the worst doctor I have EVER had and considering my MANY medical problems that's saying something. If you didn't read about why I went to the GI or how that office visit went (check it out right HERE).

Mom went with me again, we had lunch and got to spend the day visiting. I always like to take someone with me, so I super happy she could come with me!

Luckily, this doctor was AMAZING. Which Doc B said he would be. Let's call this new, nice, smart doctor (Doc K). I explained all the pain and bathroom issues, etc. Here is what he suggested for our plan of action.

First, rule out food allergies & intolerance issues, and get a blood test for Celliacs (just to cover our bases). If diet and food changes don't help, then time for Upper & lower endoscopy with biopsy of tissue.

So here is the game plan: Get the blood test for Celliacs and keep a food/bathroom journal (from tomorrow- my next appointment on May 4th). I'll to cut out fat & all meat (since the body has issues breaking down the fat in the meat), especially since my body has issues breaking down food to begin with (hence why I take zenpep enzymes with my meals & snacks). He thinks my body may just be struggling extra hard to break down food, so we gotta rule that out first.

I'm to stick to a Low-Fat Vegetarian diet for the next week. If it helps at all, continue that and cut out diary the following week. If taking the fat out doesn't help at all, then I can eat the meat again, and just cut out diary. If diary looks to be the culprit, then cut out gluten. If its not diary, go back to eating diary 3rd week and cut out just gluten,etc... Continue journaling and then on May 4th Doc will go over it with me and see if food allergies/intolerance is the issue. This is to figure out which food is the problem or which combo fits best. ( I already eat low dairy, and low grease, and no caffeine diet - as my own choice). But this will be more extreme to figure it out exactly.

If the food & journal don't help... then the upper and lower endoscopy procedures. I've had a colonoscopy where I was put under anesthesia, but never have been awake for an endoscopy before.. should be interesting.

LEFT: Here are some LOVELY pictures of the GI track that they would examine during the procedure. Haha, Mom was being your Vanna White.

I'm not sure what I want the results to be, while a food allergy would be better than Crohns, etc. I think I'm gonna hope for nothing to be wrong or a gluten allergy or maybe dairy (although I love my fancy cheeses).... I'm a meat and veggies kinda girl. I don't eat bread or pasta much. So I'm really hoping I don't have to give up my meat forever. I think I will cry. I'm a carnivore!!!!!

It's kinda funny actually. I'm a HUGE carnivore (eat meat at least twice a day and big portions). My sister is a vegetarian, and now I'm gonna be asking her for advice on food. No meat, this is the girl who is marrying a Butcher and whose father & uncles get whole cows & pigs to butcher, & I currently have 20 lbs of pork, a pork roast, a whole turkey, ground beef, steaks, and chicken in her freezer....REALLY AHHHHHH!

I'm gonna need everyone's help on ideas of food to eat that is low-fat vegetarian. Please send me recipes, ideas, anything. I know Andrew will have some ideas (considering he went to culinary school & knows a lot more than me), but I'd like more ideas too.

I think it is smart to start with food though, why do a procedure when it could be lactose intolerance. Ya know? So I was super happy with my Doctor and he thought it was cool Andrew was a butcher ( he even recommended a book for me to buy him that he would enjoy. haha).

I have faith between Doc B and Doc K they will resolve the issues so I don't get those bad cramps and bathroom issues. Just gotta be patient while I try different diets.

Other News: Super excited about things coming together for the Princeton Walk, keep your eye out in the BCR for our story! Then March 28th is the fundraising committee meeting. I'm still looking for a DJ, volunteers, sandwich or box lunches from a local restaurant or store. And of course please come and join us, make sure you register! or consider a donation :-)

And don't forget March 23rd I announce the WINNER of the "SUPERHERO BUNNY" - Make sure you have liked the facebook page: Cheriz: My Life with Cystic Fibrosis  to be entered for a chance to win! This page has my blog posts, updates on health, fun CF facts, research news, CF Walk news, and more! :-)

Also, I'm excited for this weekend, we are doing are cake tasting and taking one of the flower girls to get her dress! Plus, I'm going to see my cousin perform in the show : High School Musical. So proud of her, I love doing theatre and I'm so glad she does too. It's going to be an amazing weekend filled with so much fun & some wedding stuff. Hopefully, I don't have trouble eating NO MEAT!!!!!

I can do this. I can do this. I'd rather put a tube down my nose.. I will miss you beloved ham steaks, ribs, chicken/veg skewers, raisin apple stuffed pork chops, and lemon pepper chicken breasts. Yes, Andrew cooks like this :-)

Please send me recipes or ideas to the Facebook page, thank you soooo much! Better go find a journal, cuz I'm gonna be the best patient ever! Wish me luck. I'll keep ya'll posted! Much Love!

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