Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Bride with CF: Issues Part 3

Planning a Wedding:

I discussed a few other issues with wedding planning & getting married that pertained to Cystic Fibrosis. A MAJOR one being insurance coverage. I still can't wrap my head around the fact some people can't get married solely because of medical coverage. I wrote about that topic & biggest concerns right here.

Other issues are much smaller. Things like "can I fit my therapies & vest treatments in the day of the wedding" or "we need to plan to keep my enzymes at the head table, so I don't forget them" and then thinking about packing & traveling for the honeymoon with CF is a whole other can of worms.

We are going on a small mini-moon. Andrew can't get off too much time from work, traveling is hard on me, and after we pay for our wedding we would rather save for a home, future kids, or other bigger things in our life.

So there are many little details to think about with Cystic Fibrosis. This weekend we are doing a lot of the wedding finalization details. For example: We finalized the cake & did the tasting. We are going to get one of the flower girls fitted and her dress ordered, we paid the 2nd deposit on the venue, and we are checking in at Tuxedo shop. My bridesmaids have ordered their dresses (one even has received it already), we got our invitations ( I just have to finish them), and so far we have kept everything under budget or in budget! YAY!

I'm doing a lot of the wedding DIY (myself) and I'm really it helps to keep us coming in under budget!

Honestly, The guest list is the hardest part. I have 120 family members, and I have 40 kids under the age of 13 in my family. Add in Andrew's 35 family members and we are at 155. Plus 16 person bridal party, so 171. Our venue & wedding package allows 175 people. So it's tough. We've had to cut a lot of people (friends wise) we'd like to have there, and not many people are getting plus ones. But my family is just sooo large on both sides its nearly impossible.

Otherwise, I'm loving planning the wedding, I think it's been pretty straight forward. Andrew & I just discussed it, knew what we wanted, and starting planning it out. So far we haven't changed our minds or hesitated on anything. For example: I picked the style flower dresses, Andrew picked the color (which became our secondary color). We picked the venue, invitations, cake, food, together in a matter of minutes.

My parents are super excited! Mom's helping me find the decorations I want and dad's even been willing to do wedding shopping with us! haha!

We are trying to keep everything local and support smaller businesses. For example: our flowers, caterer, photographer, tuxedos, favors all supporting local artists or mom & pop type businesses. I love it!

So really it's all come together really well. I just have to figure out a detailed schedule of the Wedding Day and make sure all of my breathing treatments & vests fit into the day.  I need to figure out where I'll be staying before the wedding, since I live 1.5 hours away from the venue/ my hometown, I'll want to stay in Princeton a few days before the wedding to make sure it all runs smoothly. So I'll need to pack for all that, and make sure we don't forget any of my meds after the wedding when Andrew & I head out! Wouldn't that be horrible. We leave town without my therapy vest and head out for our mini-moon! I plan on making someone in charge of making sure everything is in my car & packed. Planning a wedding is no different then planning an event (like the CF Walk). Decide what you want, make the calls, budget, finalize, delegate, check up, done!

Oh AND As far as people saying "Oh you don't get to eat at your wedding"  I need those calories. considering most brides don't eat big breakfasts or lunches before the wedding. I will be eating my entire
plate before I mingle with guests. Good thing I eat fast!

Speaking of eating... side note: I think I'm gaining weight. I can tell by the way my clothes fit & I feel. So that's really good! My next appointment for CF is April 8th, so hopefully it goes well and I keep up with the good news from Doc! I'm getting put into a new clinical trial! Picture right: from a past clinical trial! 

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