Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30th Bday & Being Sick

The Weekend Cancelled:

Yesterday was my 30th Birthday. Crazy huh, to think 30 years... dang. I kinda love it. However, it didn't end up quite like I had planned it. I had been having Arthritis problems in the last few weeks ( as you may have read in my last post). I didn't even realize I was sick until it hit me all of the sudden. I had temps for two weeks around 99.5, but that's common with my arthritis. So it didn't occur to me until later Thursday Night...

I spiked a 102.2 fever, was coughing a ton, my lungs felt really tight & crappy. My breathing was faster. I ended up calling Doc B on Friday morning. He told me I needed to stay home & rest, drink plenty of fluids, and he put me on Augmentin & TamiFlu (to be safe). Saturday & Sunday I just got worse with my temperature not going down with tylenol or ibuprofin. I had to cancel my plans to go to the Bridal Expo, cancel my Bday Party, and we couldn't go home to see our families on Easter.

 My temperature ranged between 102.6 & 103.5 on Easter. Even being sick on Easter Sunday, it wasn't too bad thanks to Andrew. He made all my favorite foods for Easter, we just watched movies most of the day (which since we are movie buffs, we didn't mind too much).

Then Yesterday (my birthday), Andrew had to work until 2pm. I just rested and watched Netflix most of the day. After work we drove to see Doc. B. I really wanted to make sure he thought it was just a virus or Flu of some sort (like they had said on the phone).  Which is what Doc does think it is( whew). An upper Respiratory Virus, so I caught this. At least its not pneumonia or something.  I did my lung function tests and doc listened to my lungs. They didn't sound too bad considering. My lung function dropped from 56- 50% with being sick, but considering when I was sick in January it dropped to 41% I'm too concerned yet. They took a new culture to see what's growing in my lungs (better only be Pseudomonas)!!!! I'll find out soon. We got done with that appointment a little late, so we decided to grab a bite to eat ( since I was hungry).

Andrew had planned on taking me somewhere (as a surprise) after my appointment, where I could pick a birthday gift. Well, since my appointment got over late, we arrived at the surprise store 10 minutes before it was closing.  But, I LOVE Crate & Barrel and go in there all the time, so I knew exactly what I wanted. I picked 4 new placements & colored cloth napkins! Picking my own gift was new this year, he always has some surprise for me. After grabbing some delicious food, we headed home.

That my friends was my weekend. Today, so far so good. My temperature isn't going up very much, but my breathing & coughing isn't better. Doc said he's seen a lot of CFers catch this respiratory bug. That most people peak around the 5th day and start to get better after that... So hopefully that means I'm on the road to recovery.

Overall, it wasn't the birthday/ Easter weekend we had planned, but I've spent every holiday in the hospital at least once, so I'm just glad I'm not ending up back in the hospital. I just can't wait until I can work on getting the lung function back and exercising again. I'll be on the Augmentin for a total of 3 weeks. Hopefully, it knocks this out of my system and I can reschedule that Bday party soon!!!! :-)

Oh and in other cool news: My Great Strides Team (CF2) is now a National Family & Friends Team (Kunkel Family/ Team CF2)!!!! I'll be posting more about that on my Blog/ CF awareness Facebook page!!

So thank you to everyone who walks as part of my team & if you want to join us, please let me know!



  1. Hi. My name is Jason and I'm from Miles for Missy. It sounds like your overall health is similar to my wife's (Missy). She is 27 yrs old and her PFTs are right around where yours are. Usually mid to high 50s when healthy and dipping into the 40's when sick. Interesting to read about your athritis (although terrible to have to go through). I never realized that CF could cause arthritis!

    Just wanted to encourage you to keep writing. It helps all of us so much to read about people who are going through the same things we are. It really is helpful, even if you think no one is reading. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. Thanks Jason! Yeah, CF can cause Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, GI problems, Liver, heart problems. (luckily I don't have all those, lol). Those are just ones I know of... Pretty much anything can be affected, its kinda a crazy disease. Glad you enjoy reading imy blog, I love when people comment, so I can meet them! BTW thanks for the Great Strides Donation :-) Nice to meet you Jason, Hope Missy continues to be healthy!

  2. crazy year to celebrate birthday wishes for spcial year for everyone..

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