Sunday, May 10, 2015

Celebrating My Amazing Mother!

Dear Mom:

Thank you for always encouraging me
and telling me I can achieve my goals.
Thank you for taking care of me, pretty much 24/7
and making sure I was healthy.

You're the reason today that I graduated college, can dance, sing, and perform, the reason I'm a healthy weight, and was able to get rid of that leg brace. You're the reason I succeeded & honestly, the reason I'm alive.

You are so strong. But yet, you are the most caring & kind person.
Thank you for being someone I can tell anything to
and always being there for me.

I can't imagine how hard it was not bringing me home until I was 5 months old. I can't imagine flushing my mediport, stomach tube, watching me go through medical procedure after procedure..

But you know what?

Thanks to your playing Nintendo 24 hours a day w me while in the hospital, doing funny dances or singing songs to keep me entertained during painful procedures,
I still smiled and never noticed the negatives.

I did everything that anyone else did. I went to sleepovers (you just brought my stomach pump, medical machines, & pills & met with the parents).
 I had the BEST birthday parties, got to stay out late with friends, and got to enjoy summer camps.

You taught me the sky is the limit.
You taught me to be positive, work hard, to be a dreamer, and to never give up.
I hope one day I can be a mother, and be just like you!

Thank you for being my nurse, protector, cheerleader, mother,
 but mostly, my best friend. I love you!

Happy Mothers' Day! 

to read my medical history & exactly what my mom went thru: click here!

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