Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Not Quite What I Wanted

Regular Doctor Visit:

As you may remember I'm doing a clinical trial right now.  Today was my 3rd week/ Appointment for it and it ends next Wednesday. Shortest trial ever! It was a simple one too. It's just a new breathing nebulizer to try out.

I wrote about my diet and GI issues in the past and yes, they have been solved. But now I'm losing weight like crazy because I can't eat anything that has decent calories. So sadly, I am below 100 lbs. In fact, now my low weight, energy, etc is effecting my lungs too a bit ( I think), since my lung function dropped more. I'm at 50%. Not 53, 55, but 50. Which is okaaaaay, as long as it doesnt go lower. We usually have to take action with meds or IVs or something when its below 50%. AND since IVs didn't work in January, I really need to get these numbers up.

Picture: Me chilling, reading a magazine I've been getting delivered to me since, well over years... Ha, ever since a friend got me the subscription. I keep renewing it.

Doc wants to see me in one month. however, since my next appt isn't until July 30th. I may have to call him before that to ask about another solution if weight has increased BIG TIME by then. I need my weight back before the wedding, or that dress fitting and my energy level will be very difficult to deal with. So we'll see how the plan goes...

So what's the plan?

1. Finish up the trial next week.
2. Keep swimming and walking for work outs (read this post here about that)
3. drink 3-4  ensure plus drinks (w/ Whey Protien powder added) daily, eat 3 meals, and lots of snacks
4. Introduce some meat and certain high calorie foods back in slowly and carefully to see if I can handle it (since its obvious I need them to maintain weight & some nutrition)

I think that's a pretty good plan. I really hope it works. I'm nervous to add foods back in for fear of all the bathroom issues & stomach pain. BUT, Being 98 lbs and 30 years old is not something I thought I'd have to deal with, especially since this last fall I was 107-108 lbs at one point. I'm sooo bummed and its going to take a lot of work. But, exercise can be fun sometimes.

We went bowling with a friend the other day ( for $1 bowling) and I got tired after half a game. But thankfully I have amazing family & friends, and Andrew to help.

Picture Above: Andrew & I  bowling, the one with Zach was blurry :-( 

I'm super excited about the CF Walk that is coming up on June 27th! To donate to my page or join my team that day click here!

AND a big thank you to everyone for helping me and encouraging me even when battling lung function and weight is tough. I'm just so impatient I want to see results and weight gain now. LOL

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