Sunday, June 7, 2015

Swimming is Tough

My Much Needed Health Rehab:

As you know, I've had a lot of health issues in the last year. Liver being elevated, pancreas not working as well, which resulted with me now being on a permanent low-fat, therefore, low-cal diet. So of course, I'm losing weight. But also, I'm struggling breathing wise more. My lung function has been fluctuating between 48-60 since 2012. However, I've have really struggled since last year to keep it at mid 50s. I didn't respond to IV antibiotics in Jan-March this year. I'm now currently at low 50s. Which would be okay, if I couldn't tell the difference it has made on my body.

Because of my lower lung function and energy, I haven't been able to do simple things like carry laundry or groceries.  As I've talked about in a previous blog here, I'm wanting to get back to my 60% lung function, 110 lb self, the girl that had energy to work part time, do theatre at night, and still come home to jog 1 mile before bed. I want to be able to not only ACTUALLY finish a 5k, but be back to my jogging/walking them.

I want to be healthy and I'm tired of not being able to keep up. Being a healthy wife for Andrew is more than enough motivation to get me back on track for working out. But it is sooo tough. If I lift weights I'm sore for 3 days after and I get tired after seriously 5 minutes... If we go for a walk I only make it 1/2 mile before we'd turn back. Bike riding is worse, I make it around the block before panting like a dog. So we try to switch up my "working out" so it's more fun & I don't notice how hard it is. We have lifted weights a few times, gone on walks, done short bike rides, and today we went SWIMMING!!!!

Why is it a big deal that I went swimming? Well, I like swimming at my parent's, cuz it's private. But, I don't like to swim in public pools. I get out of breath easy, have asthma attacks, lifeguards look at me weird, and I've never liked how I look in a swimsuit.

Now don't judge, it has nothing to do with how big/skinny I am. BUT, I have scars everywhere. And one pieces tug on my mediport and my stomach tube, so I was super uncomfortable in them, but didn't want people to see my stomach tube or scars in the past. Hence, not swimming much in public. BUT guess what!!!!! I don't have a stomach tube anymore (read about that here) & I can deal with just scars now!

So here is a picture of me today SWIMMING for the first time in public in a bikini!!!!

We had a pool in our backyard, so even though I get cold fast, I used to swim a lot and rather enjoyed it (or at least floating on But I haven't been swimming since 2012 at my parent's house. And today I did. But, whew... I can tell how out of shape I am. Never before have I been sore after swimming. I couldn't hold my breath hardly long enough to dunk under the water. It was sooo sad and pathetic. I only swam for 15 minutes, Andrew swam with me and it was fun though. It didn't feel like work at all, so I think it will be a great way for me to work out. I look forward to seeing if I can make a difference in my health.

It's like my own personal rehab. I go to Doc's on Wed, so we'll see how I did weight wise this week :-)


  1. Swimming is my favorite exercise! I swam regularly until I graduated college. Last year when my lungs were giving me a horrible time and I was so short of breath that exercise felt impossible I joined water aerobics. I was the youngest there by 30 years and could hardly keep up. I kept at it and eventually "graduated" to laps on my own and thankfully am keeping it up. I find my lungs are healthiest when I swim.

    1. I was surprised how much of a work out it gave me, especially considering I was just goofing off and swimming around the pool. I actually never learned how to "swim"..., I'm looking into water aerobics. Plus my joints didn't hurt after, my arthritis makes other exercise tough. I think you're right swimming will be the perfect fit for me. :-) Glad it helped you so much and nice to know if I keep with it, I can look forward to some results. Thanks for sharing :-)