Monday, June 22, 2015

300th Post: Our weekends :-)

Busy, But Amazing Weekends:

This past weekend Andrew & I had a friend's wedding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I actually really enjoy out-of-state weddings. Why? because Andrew & I make lil weekend trips out of them. See, we have never been on vacation together, Thesse wedding weekends are the closest we have been. And those are usually 1-2 night & 2-3 days. But long vacations are expensive, and most ones we find cheaper we don't have interest in going to those places. PLUS, traveling is BEYOND stressful for me. All the meds I have to pack, planning meds into the day, making sure I don't get sun sick or get dehydrated. Making sure I eat enough and keep my calories up. Andrew is pretty good at noticing when I'm slowly down and need a snack. But still the only way I would do more than 2-3 days away is IF the PLACE was worth it. Like out of the country or something...

We went to the dells (read about that mini-trip here), during Amanda & Jake's Wedding and this weekend we got to see some cool parts of Milwaukee during Jason & Kelly's Wedding. We did this trip with Ryan (my bestie, even if Andrew tries to claim him as one of his besties... :-P)

Picture to right: Andrew eating his brunch at Comet Cafe, yum Bacon wrapped Meatloaf!

The Comet Cafe was a really cool place with a great atmosphere & it was packed! Luckily, we got their early on Saturday  decided on the  Comet Cafe for brunch (because it was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives & had amazing reveiws).

We walked around that area, went down by the lake, and then headed back to hotel to get ready for the wedding. Where I proceeded to take an hour nap while they watched an X-men movie (clearly I was exhausted from walking).

Picture right: Andrew & I ready for the wedding!

The wedding ceremony location was beautiful, with the river behind them! We had a few hours to kill between the ceremony & reception, so I changed into Flip Flops and we walked around Milwaukee's "Historic Third Ward." Such an awesome vibe around those shops, bars, and restaurants.

Left: Ryan with his toffee flavored Coffee, Andrew had rolo flavored coffee, but I had a giant pretzel and a coup of soup instead :-) 

We stopped at a lil coffee place to get some coffee, and get me a big snack. then we headed to the reception. The reception was beautiful and fun! I had some asthma attacks trying to dance and other medical problems, which lead to us leaving early and me realizing I need to step up my work out/ rehab game IF I want to be able to dance all night at Andrew & I's wedding. We had a great time though!

We crashed as soon as we got back to hotel and we slept in a little bit (til 8:30am). Sunday I woke up, did my meds, got ready for our last day in Milwaukee, and texted my dad "Happy Fathers Day". Yes, texted, but if you knew my dad and how much he doesn't like gabbing on the phone you'd understand. Besides my dad knows how much I love him, I tell him all the time. I got him a card to give him next weekend while I'm home too. But really, if you haven't read the post I wrote about my father a couple years ago, please do! Read this Father's Day post and you will see why he is the most amazing dad I could ever ask for!

We had reservations for Mader's German Restaurant at 1pm on Sunday, I actually found it googling Milwaukee restaurants. I was super excited, because Andrew & I love German food, Ryan had never had it and Mader's was over 100 years old with an amazing German Buffet Brunch! It was known for not only it's food, but its antiques too!

The Buffet was enormous with over 10 German entrees, American Entrees, fresh fruit, carving station, many desserts, cold salads, and more! I ate 3 plates of entrees which included every German food I could of (amazing brats & potatoes, hams, roast beefs, sauerkraut, spatzle, maultaschen, and smoked trout) I had a cold plate with my favorite cucumber salad, lots of fresh shrimp & fruit too! Plus, I helped Andrew eat his chocolate raspberry dessert. The restaurant was awesome, with antiques everywhere. Seriously, eat here if you go to Milwaukee!

Plus, waiting for our reservation we had a couple hours to kill, so we walked the riverfront for bit and went to a couple local stores, like the cheese mart, where I tried over 15 types of cheese. YUM!

Picture: Our selfie on the riverwalk! 

After Mader's we were full and tired, so decided to head home (we got home around 5pm). It was an amazing weekend! And next weekend will be too! This weekend  (June 27th) is Princeton's 2nd Annual CF Walk (that I founded last year & organize now). It should be tons of fun, with so much more than last year. We have amazing raffle prizes, a dj, face painting, ballon creations, educational CF booths, and subway lunch. Last year we raised $13,300 for the CF Foundation. This year my goal is $20,000 with a personal goal of $1,000 in online donations.

Some of the raffles we have this year include: Fish Tank, Pet beds & Toys, Gift baskets w/goodies, Jacket, Vera Bradley set, doll with little outfits, crocheted afghan, homemade jams, etched picture frames, handmade purse, and more, plus gift certificates to local places. I hope these raffles help us to reach our goal. So make sure to bring some money for raffles, or a checkbook for the silent auctions.

If you want to attend, please sign up. Feel free to join my Team CF2 or consider donating to my personal page to help me reach my goal RIGHT HERE! Thank you and can't wait til next weekend ( plus, my clinical trial ends on Wednesday)!

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