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Go with the Flow:

Adapt is my advice to any bride-to-be. Not everything will be exactly as you planned it, but it you go with the flow, the day will still be perfect in your eyes. Since I have Cystic Fibrosis I'm pretty used to adapting. I get sick quickly, have arthritis flare ups, have to change meds, fight insurances, etc. Trust me adapting should be my middle name. I think that is one life lesson CF taught me early on, and if REALLY helps with wedding planning!

I talked in my last post about how much I loved our Wedding. I did love it, every single aspect. I was beyond thrilled with the businesses that helped make it perfect. I tried to keep everything local and spread the love to smaller hometown businesses. Our caterer, Flowers, Decorations, Venue, Favors, etc were all local. #SupportLocal

The week before the wedding was chaotic, not because of the wedding, but we were in the middle of moving! Andrew had taken a promotion at the new store and we were moving 2.5 hours from our current home. But, we were moving closer to family and to the same town as my sister. So that helped. If we hadn't of planned our wedding way in advance that week could of been really chaotic. But luckily, as soon as Andrew & I got engaged we sat down and discussed what we wanted our wedding to be.

The ceremony and reception were exactly what we wanted (for the most part). Picture: Dad hugging me before I join Andrew at Ceremony.

We wanted to focus on having a small (as much as it could be small with my big family), simple, but charming and elegant wedding. We focused on keeping guests happy with having lots of food there. We had appetizers for during the 30-40 minute period of pictures, a brunch buffet, 20 pies, 3 types of cake, homemade mints (my mom made), and the popcorn bar!

We wanted an outdoor ceremony, knew what venue we wanted, and when to have it. All we had left were the minor details. Our caterer (and close family friend) Myrtles Cafe & Pie came up with the pie centerpiece ideas. I also gave complete control of the flowers to Homestead Flowers. I supplied her with a color swatch and example picture and she did the rest. I knew I could trust Dave & Suzie to do an excellent job. I was beyond thrilled with all the flowers & food! Plus, our photographers were two friends of mine (who did a fabulous job & I couldn't of asked for more). Thank you Amelia Bystry Photography & Nathan Castelli!  One wanted to do it for free (as our gift). I didn't let them, but it just goes to show how amazing they are! Make sure to show love to all the business facebook pages!

Picture: Table Settings (love them)

Now it may seem the day was perfect, and no matter what happened, it still was & forever will be in my eyes. We had a fabulous time and it was beautiful thanks to all the help we had decorating ( Thanks to my family, bridesmaids, and friends)!

Here is why you must adapt though...Here are a few things that happened that we had to alter. The groomsmen's shirts originally were supposed to be dyed a color. The first one didn't take the color well (the seams didn't take to the dye), so we went with the white plain shirts instead with the pale yellow bow tie. I think this actually looked better than the original concept, so kudos to that. Our original musician backed out
on us a few weeks before the wedding, so my sister & her musician friends scrambled contacting everyone they knew! And believe it or not she found us amazing duo (Cello & Violin). We had originally planned on one (Lutheran) Pastor (who was a big influence in my faith) & one (Catholic) Father (who was a role model for Andrew) both assisting in the ceremony with a third Pastor officiating. However, due to other duties coming up, neither his Priest nor my Pastor could make it. Luckily, the Pastor that was officiating (that did our marriage counseling & everything) could be there and married us. And he did a fabulous job, his homily was perfect for us!

Picture: Pastor Scott saying a prayer at the ceremony

 One of our Ushers (my uncle) had a family emergency and we contacted a friend the night before to be our "fill in" usher. Which John & my other uncle did a great job. Our cake wasn't what we ordered either. It tasted delicous, but was tan (not pale cream) and its edging was droopy and melting (it was supposed to be slightly ruffled). It didn't look at all like we had asked for, but the Homestead's Flowers on it and flower vases around it took some focus off the acutal frosting, so it looked a lot better than it actually was. Everything turned out fine, but no event is smooth and bump free. I'm not complaining at all, all those things are really minor when you look at the big picture! Roll with it and everything will work out. Life has obstacles, it's how you tackle those problems together that is what's important. We decided not to dwell on the little things, we wanted to just enjoy our day and focus on our love for each other!

Focus on what is important, being with the person you love! It's the single most important part of the day! 

Andrew and I are so happy to be married and be able to call each other Husband & Wife! I still think it's hilarious and a testament to our love for each other that we BOTH planned surprises for each other! I got a popcorn bar put up for him at the reception and he was so shocked and thrilled. After I announce the popcorn surprise, he then announces he has a surprise for me. He sang & played guitar for me with a groomsmen assisting with harmony! I loved it and all the bridesmaids and my family all teared up, it was beautiful!

Picture: Andrew serenading me ( video to be posted in next blog) 

We are starting to fit in the new town and are enjoying be here! We turned in the copy for the marriage certificate for insurance benefits. Andrew's insurance is good, but I will miss having two insurances. While I was on my dad's insurance I had a secondary insurance too. We will know longer have that secondary insurance, so say hello to bigger co-pays & deductibles. Good thing I'm the queen of budgeting & planning ahead :-) All that hasn't gone through yet, so I will keep you posted on how that goes for us. Otherwise, I think everything is settled. We updated our addresses, medical stuff, etc. But Andrew is loving his new job and I think this move will be an amazing decision that we stumbled upon!

I love being closer to my family, especially my sister :-) and we owe them a huge thank you for EVERYTHING they all helped with at the wedding.  We love you! Here's a photo I got of my family & I before the ceremony!

What an amazing year: I turned 30, moved with Andrew to a new town, both of us starting new jobs, and getting married! Love it :-) Make sure to check out the wedding album I posted on the Blog Facebook Page!

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