Friday, August 7, 2015

An Empty Apartment

Just Boxes Everywhere:

There are boxes taking over the apartment.  So even though I still have more to pack and very little time left, I decided to get out and go for a morning walk! I missed my morning walks the last 3 days from packing so much and sleeping in a little (til 8:30). So I didn't jog at all or try to push it. I need energy for more packing and moving of boxes today! I did 1 mile over a nice 20 minute leisurely stroll around the lakes. It was pretty nice out too!

And of course now I'm doing meds while blogging :-) One of my favorite combos! I really want to be at my healthiest when I marry Andrew (read my "getting healthy plan" post here).  Getting married and moving all in the next two weeks. Crazy, looking back at myself in 2012 before I met him, I had no plans of getting married or even finding a boyfriend at the time. I really had always seen my CF as a road block in relationships. But Andrew has proved me wrong. Read his post about dating me, he explains what is like dating someone with CF. I think he's very honest about everything, but also sweet.  So make sure to read it, if you haven't (It's a Goodie).He's so amazing and I'm so proud of him. He works so hard and I'm beyond excited for his new job opportunity, but whew we are pretty busy getting ready for it all!

It's crazy to think Sunday morning we leave our apartment for good. I will just come back on moving day with my mom (and probably Uncle). While Ada and and Sunday we are back in our hometown area for the day. We have a wedding shower for Andrew's side and then a meeting with Pastor that afternoon. Then Sunday night Andrew and I will head out to bunk at my sister's place. Ada and I will leave her place Tuesday morning to return and stay in Princeton with my parents. We will be picking up my dress, doing my trial run of hair and make up, and whatever other little things need to be done.

Andrew will be staying at my sister's the whole week (until Friday before the Wedding). The day after our wedding he goes back to work at 6am, but thankfully it's a sunday afternoon wedding.

I'm ready to be married, I'm ready for the wedding. We have a few tidbits we have left to do, but nothing big. Any of the problems we did have, weren't too bad and we figured them out. What I'm not ready for is living out of a suitcase for two weeks. I have so many machines, meds, pills, etc to pack, it's hard to keep it all organized. I also really don't like messes or clutter. My suitcase gets sooo cluttered it drives me nuts! I hope I remember to pack everything I need for 2 weeks. We aren't really coming back so I'll be in trouble if I don't. I'll have to double check it tomorrow.

I'm just so excited for Andrew, I know he loves his job and really likes the company. Plus, it's not too far from family and friends. I really think it may be our last move (for at least a long time). 3 moves in 3 years is a lot, although I did move 5 times in 4 years in college.. So I'm a pro at packing boxes. LOL.

Oh and I'm still using the apps on my phone to help me count calories to gain weight and work out! I feel pretty healthy and that's my goal! To be a healthy bride and wife for Andrew :-)

Please bare with me, as there may not be any posts until the week after the wedding ( check back around the 18th). I promise to post some Wedding Photos on my Blog Facebook page though (click here to "like" it)!

But until then, here's a few engagement photos! I can not wait until August 16, 2015 for us to be married!

  Check back in little over a week to hear about our Wedding! 

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