Friday, September 11, 2015

All the Festivities

Home, Sweet Home:

This weekend is Homestead! I haven't gone home for Homestead since 2013. After college I lived in Princeton for a few years, but then when I moved to the Chicago area I couldn't get off work to come home. However, this weekend I do!

Andrew and I went home for my 10 year class reunion in 2013 (pic left).

This weekend it's only for the one day, but I'll be able to see the Parade with my family, check out the craft show, shop at the stores downtown, and even get to check out a new restaurant where Andrew's Cousin-in-law is the GM. I always go home for 5 and 10 year reunions to see my graduating classmates ( I'm also 1 of 3 people that plan our reunions). But this isn't a year where we have a reunion, so I'm just lucky to get to go home for it. I'm excited to see Princeton, I haven't been home since we got married. Which has only been 3 weeks, but feels like a lot longer. In my mind, my hometown is the greatest town in the world. I LOVE IT!

My Facebook newsfeed popped up a "3 years ago..." memory yesterday. 3 years ago on Sept 10th I ran  the Homestead 5k. And everyone in my town that was running it cheered me on. My hometown is so supportive and I'm so thankful. To read the post I wrote after running the 5k click HERE!

Now, my goal will be to finish the CF Great Strides Walks, most in Illinois are between 2-3 miles. Princeton is the shortest, ending up right at 2 miles. This year I had trouble walking beyond 2 miles. I got that farthest at the Cancer Coalition walk in Ladd!

Also, I'm excited to announce in 2016 the Princeton Great Strides Walk will offer multiple levels of sponsorships for the walk to businesses! Which I'm really excited to visit this weekend during Homestead!

This weekend is Homestead, next weekend a family wedding, then we leave on the 27th for our Honeymoon. We will arrive home on the 2nd and then the Peoria CF Walk is on the 3rd! So many exciting events, LOVE IT! And I LOVE the Peoria Walk. We walk on Grandview drive (one of the best views and streets in IL). Plus, this year I helped plan some of the entertainment, etc for the walk. It's been really nice being able to volunteer more.

On top of doing volunteer work (basically emailing and connecting via online), I'm rather enjoying our new town and home! Granted Andrew is still working 14 hour days at least 6 days a week. So I'm home alone a lot, but I'm getting a lot of work done online, plus keeping up with meds, and I've been enjoy making dinner the last week or so. Andrew typically makes dinner, but since he gets off late, it works better if I just have it ready.

The only problem I've had in the last week or so is I've gotten a lot of complex cancker sores and my gums are inflamed. It happens a couple times a year, it all stems from when I got that virus in 2013 from a cold sore. So my body has flare ups now every once in awhile, so it makes it hard to eat acidic or sharp foods. 2013's virus was crazy, read about it here! It usually last a couple weeks, this time it better go away quick, our honeymoon is in two weeks! Otherwise, I'm pretty stable health wise (I think, we'll see next month at Clinic).

One of the perks to Andrew's new job is he knows when all the good sales are at the store. So last week we got to pick up Alaskan Snow Crab for $6 per pound (which is the as cheap as you can get it).

I made Crab legs, potatoes and carrots, cheesy garlic biscuits, and a fresh fruit mix.The whole meal for two cost $15, so $7.50 a person for our own home version of "Joe's Crab Shack." It was a nice little way to celebrate Andrew's success at his new job, our new life in our new town, and take advantage of an awesome sale!

It been a long, but great 3 weeks since our wedding! I can't wait until our honeymoon later this month! I'll make sure to share some Traveling w/ CF tips. And until then I will enjoy Homestead Festival and cousin's wedding. And if anyone wants to donate to our my CF Walk page for the upcoming Peoria Walk please click here! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So lots going on and I will keep you all updated!

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