Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All the Updates!

Lots Going on & Beyond Excited:

I've been writing about some big topics that discuss how Cystic Fibrosis affects Marriage. Not all the changes are bad. Yes, moving to new locations for my Husband's work means the hassle of switching pharmacies, updating info with all doctor's offices, and even deciding whether or not to switch doctors. I wrote a whole blog post on why choosing & deciding whether or not to stay with our current doctors is so difficult. However, I LOVE where we are living right now & we are closer to my hometown, so I can still be involved as much as I want. It's a good area for Real Estate too (which I will be starting once we are back from our Honeymoon).

 I'd say the hardest part for me post-marriage has been switching insurance & switching pharmacies. We have a good insurance plan (we pay $3000 per person for a deductible) because it cover 100% of all specialty drugs post deductible, there is no 20/80% costs or co-pays, etc. But, it took so long to switch me over that I went without meds for a while...

I got added to Andrew's insurance on Friday. We turned in the paperwork days after being married, But his #insurance...
Posted by Cheriz: My Life with Cystic Fibrosis on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The worst or best part depending on how you look at is the $3,000 deductible we will ALWAYS have to pay all at once (since my meds cost more than that). But at least we can prepare for it every January. I blogged about all the insurance & financial hassles that came along with my Cystic Fibrosis in last post (scroll down).

However, today, I wanted to give you all the updates. I'm very excited to share we leave for our Honeymoon on Monday! That's right in less than 1 week, I will have 6 glorious days to spend with Andrew! I will share about our trip when we are back on Friday, October 2nd.  Then on October 3rd we are attending the CF Walk in Peoria, IL! I helped plan the Peoria Walk this year, and I'm the speaker for the event. I was the speaker of the Champaign, IL Walk in 2014, check out the video HERE (on my YouTube Account). So if you are free, you should come and support the CF Foundation! It's a great walk route, actually I think it is the best (out of the 9) I have been too! Click HERE to go to my Peoria CF Walk Page to join or donate!

Overall, I'm doing okay, but I'm just waiting on the new insurance & pharmacy to get my Cayston & Pulmozyme filled. I need them asap! I have to have them before we leave for vacation. Luckily, the new pharmacy (where Andrew works) seems on top of everything. They call me everyday with an update on how the progress is coming. The problem is the specialty pharmacy doesn't have Cayston (It's a limited distribution med). Which means they have to override it and get the insurance to okay it coming from a different out-of-network pharmacy for the in-network price. Which is why it is taking longer, but hopefully I will have some great updates for you on Friday! Make sure to check out my Facebook page for the updates & to see how I am doing. Also, I posted this video from our wedding. I wanted to share it on here too, since I promised in my "Wedding Post". It was Andrew's Surprise for me. Right after I announced I had a surprise popcorn bar planned for him, he did this:

He's such a sweetheart, I can't wait to spend 6 days with him & for him to enjoy his time off work! Andrew, I love you so much!!!

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