Monday, October 5, 2015

2 Fundraisers in ONE Day!

Saturday was ALL About the CF Foundation:

We got back from our Honeymoon on Friday night (go to last post to read about our honeymoon). Then Saturday morning we got up early to head to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Great Strides Walk in Peoria, IL! We helped set up, and joined 17 other teammates at the walk! Which is pretty good size for #TeamCF2 at a secondary walk.

I say secondary walk, only because 95% of my team lives in Princeton, IL and all attend the Princeton's CF Walk. So to have people repeat walks or drive far to go to second walks is pretty special. Click here to see more about our Princeton Walk! Of course this year we had some  UnityPoint Health-Methodist Respiratory Therapists (department) join the team! A friend works there and got his boss & co-workers involved. Our
team of 17 raised at least $500 (but we have to wait 2 weeks for the website to total amounts). So a big thank you to UnityPoint Health-Methodist Crew for joining #TeamCF2!

I really do LOVE the Peoria Walk, I have been to it for 6 years and it gets bigger and better every year! This year we had representatives handing out brochures about CF equipment & care. We had Make-A-Wish and the Dream Factory (both who grant dreams to the chronically ill). The Dream Factory actually granted me a gift when I was 10 years old (read about that here). Unique Twist was there of course making amazing balloon creations for everyone and we had an amazing PhotoBooth!

I was the guest speaker this year and I introduced the Manual Acamdemy DrumLine, who then played 5-6 minutes of music to jazz up the crowd! We walked the 3 miles route along the river and came back to donated water & discounted lunches (by HyVee at Grand Prairie). When we reached the park at the end the Flynn School of Dance had dancers performing and overall everyone enjoyed the event! It was a great day for it! I'll post the total amounts once they are tallied in a few weeks.

 But here is my speech:

After the CF Walk in Peoria, I headed to a friend's house for another CF Fundraiser for our TeamCF2! They made tons of food, desserts, etc and invited around 20 people to attend. All they asked was everyone donates something to the CF Foundation! That night at the fundraiser dinner party we raised another $535 (and a few more checks are still coming in...)!!! Wow, what a great idea & great night!

Do you know about passion fundraising? The CF Foundation has tips & ideas for passion fundraising right HERE! My family, friends, and teammates have done 4 so far. Alex held a pizza party, Tammy had a jam
sale, I turned my 30th birthday into a bowling fundraiser, and then last night's dinner party!

Peoria was our last CF Walk of the year, and we only have 1 more event coming up! The CF Climb in Chicago! To watch Andrew's promo video from last year: click here!

But if you have a great idea to help us still reach our $10,000 goal by the end of the year please share it! We are at $8,000 right now!!! Here is our National Team Fundraising page with our totals feel free to check it out &/or donate to our cause!!!

I have CF Clinic in just over a week, so I'll let you all know how that goes!

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