Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Argh Matey, Me Eyes...

Thankful for Halloween:

One picture can say a lot. For example:  This picture (besides saying I just woke up) Also, say a few other things:  I have lung problems (Cystic Fibrosis) since I'm doing a vest treatment & nebulizer, It's Halloween or I have eye problems.

Well, actually it's all three! I'm thankful it's Halloween, because it makes my eye patch blend in more.
Why am I wearing an eye patch? I don't wear glasses or contacts, right....

Did you know that I did have glasses for many years. I had such bad eye sight that as a baby that I got my first set of (thick) glasses by 6 months old.  I had bifocals by the age of three. However, the eye problems were corrected (sort of) by age 11 and I could ditch the glasses.  Only in the last year have I noticed them coming back. Lately, they have been pretty bad. I've hit more curbs while driving and stopped driving at night all together.I keep running into things and tripping, I'm usually accident prone to begin with...But not to this extent. Clearly, it is time to take action.

It's mostly depth perception problems that stem from my right eye. The problem has always been with my right eye, it's muscles are too weak to focus. So if I close my left eye I can't read. I can recognize words, but can't follow a sentence across, because I can't focus. This may explain why I have had more headaches recently and why I'm not a big fan of reading latetly (sadness). Eye focusing problems run in my family. I have two cousins who have to look certain ways in order to see. One is not as bad and not noticeable at all. The other younger cousin has to always turn her head completely to the side to see, she can only see out of the corner of her eyes. 

So I probably have some genetic disposition for eye problems, but I also have mild Cerebral Palsy. To read more about my years doing physical therapy & wearing a leg brace, which pretty much lead to me loving dance and performing click HERE!  My CP only affects the right side of me. My right foot is 1.5 size smaller than my left and the leg is slightly shorter too. I have always struggled to use my right hand with certain fine tuned skills. I can't tie a shoe to this day. I have trouble doing anything that takes skill from both hands. Forget playing instruments, chopping vegetables, most sports etc. My right hand just doesn't listen to me sometimes, same thing is happening with my right eye again.

I wear the patch over my left eye, to force my right to work harder (like physical therapy for the eye). I also scheduled an appointment at the eye doctors. But until my appointment, I get to wear this patch and see if it helps. 

But like I said Luckily it's Halloween and I can pretend I'm just rocking the pirate look! 

ARGH, Matey, Andrew & I are getting our pumpkins tonight!!!!!! YAY! 

Here are the last two years' pumpkins we did...

                       2013: Mine is the Spider & Andrew's the face     

        2014: Mine is Jack Skellington & Andrew's the Minion

Please Note: I don't carve pumpkins with my depth perception problems, I draw & he carves...

 I will be sure to share pictures after we carve them! Keep updated on my CF Blog Facebook Page!

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