Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life gets a Little Crazy Sometimes

Lots Going On:

Wow, sorry, it's been just over two weeks since I have blogged. That may be the longest I have ever gone without blogging. Here are the 3 big things that are taking place in our lives right now:

1. Work- Lots of it. Andrew is gearing up for the holidays at the store he works at and I just started my new career. (Read last post below to learn about it). In the last two weeks, I have signed a contract with Jim Maloof Realty in Peoria, IL (see my link on our office website click HERE). I paid all my dues to the Peoria Area Association of Realtors, etc. Paid for advertising, some equipment, even got a few work outfits. I did my all day orientations & have been going to every new agent workshop that has been available. It's been pretty busy around here.

Little about my work: I still need to finish up my business cards, buy a new laptop, and more. But I am beyond ready to start helping clients sell & buy homes! The only downside to Real Estate is all the upfront costs you have. I have already put a couple thousand into classes, fees, dues, etc. We aren't employees, we are independent contractors with the companies. Which means, no wages, no salary, just commission. But the up-side is I can be more flexible about going home for my medications, treatments, etc. But without wages, we work on pure commission. When someone sells their home they agree to a broker's commission. That Selling Price Broker's commission ( a x%) is split between the buyer & seller's brokers, then each broker has to split that with the company that hired them & they represent. We have to pay taxes, gov. fees, etc on it like everyone else does on wages. So it will take more than 1 house for me to pay myself back just for the start up costs.You have to sell enough houses to pay all the dues/costs every year to make it worth it. The instructor said 1 out of  3 people that get licensed are still in the business in 2 years. That doesn't really bother me, I know I want this career soooo much. I have been talking about it since I was a kid (no joke). I knew about most of the costs, so we were prepared. It's still tough working sooo much and not making any money. But it will work out and be VERY much worth it in the end. So excited!!!!!! YAY!

2. Christmas/Holiday/Post-Wedding/Working Out-  Lately, getting ready for the holidays, baking, shopping, etc has been taking more time. I want to get everything done early, because I don't like being stressed and shopping close to Christmas. Also, post wedding wise, we have been getting some picture prints, scrapbooking, photo albums done. Also, starting to work on our Thank Yous. And I have been trying to lift weights, walk on the treadmill, do dance or yoga dvds too! Not too much spare time for it, but I try!

3. Volunteering-  Right now is a pretty big time for the organizations I volunteer for. The Dream Factory (which grants wishes to kids with chronic illnesses) needs to fundraise a lot to pay for 12 more kids wishes AND our big end of the year Christmas Party is coming up! We have been getting ready for that. Also, the CF Foundation announced the dates for most of the 2016 walks! I'm registered for them, if you want to register early and help me recruit or team members or starting fundraising, feel free! I'd love it as a matter of fact. It was exciting in 2015, we walk at numerous walks and a couple out of state! Go here to register any walk you want to join me for, just click links & on the CF Walk page, click "Join Team"

Here is every walk I will be at:

Well, that pretty much sums up why it has been 2 weeks since I blogged, I will try not to do that again. I'm hoping after Thanksgiving I will have all my new stuff done/set up for work. Then I can focus on advertising and finding clients. So if you know anyone in the Peoria, IL area looking for a Realtor/Broker, (big smile), pick me! But honestly, the biggest perk to have a new agent is that you are more than likely their only clients or they only have a few, so they can dedicate more time to advertising your property. Also, Most new brokers work with an experienced agent too ( for a while). Okay, enough of my work. I'm just so excited to get back into working after all my medical mishaps in 2014!

I will talk more about Andrew & I and our goals/plans next week! 

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving! 

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