Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Year in Reveiw

A Rocky Start to an AMAZING YEAR:

 2013 and 2014 (click to read) were both a lot more medically and emotionally tough. 2015 was pretty much the best year of my life!

Uh Oh, lung function low, time for a tune up in the hospital the first week of Jan.
end of January I went home with IVs. What a way to start the year!

All FEBRUARY I did my regular 10 nebulizers plus home IVs. Didn't have time for much else! 

Sadly, my lung function and body didn't respond to 3 weeks of IVs. 
So my daily number of nebs went to 12!!
Luckily, this kind of got my lung function up a bit. Took prednisone and kept an eye on it.

I had been having lots of Gastrointestinal issues and starting seeing a specialist in MARCH.

Mom & I experienced the worst doctor ever & I soon switched to a new doc (read HERE). Which wasn't really resolved, but ehhhh...Life got busy, so I let it go (for now).

APRIL - birthday month
My 30th birthday! I caught a cold and was sick for 10 days surrounding my birthday
But, over 40 people came to celebrate my (rescheduled) birthday at the CF Fundraiser. We raised $400 for the CF Foundation at our Bowling party!

In MAY we did some Great StridesWalks and won tickets to meet Lewis Black!
we also were preparing for the CF Walk in Princeton!!!

The Princeton CF Walk is the last Saturday in JUNE! 
This was its 2nd year (first as an official Great Strides)
Our walk raised $23,000 for the CF Foundation and was purely run off donations at no cost to the foundation!  JOIN US NEXT YEAR! 

In JULY I focused on getting healthy and preparing for Andrew & I's wedding! 
It's the final countdown to the wedding.

in AUGUST we said "I do"

Check out the post that talks all about our wedding right HERE
Then we moved in August for Andrew's promotion. Found a new place and were settled.

At the end of SEPTEMBER we got to take our honeymoon! 

It was everything we wanted our honeymoon to be, read about it HERE! I also helped Kellie finalize plans for the Peoria CF Walk.

In OCTOBER I was the Guest speaker at the Peoria Walk
(video: wait for download below)

( or click HERE for link)
The Peoria Walk was our 6th and Final Walk of the year! 

Then in NOVEMBER I got my Real Estate License! 

and became a broker/Realtor with Jim Maloof Realty
(like my Real Estate Facebook Page HERE)

DECEMBER we got to visit Family & Friends and enjoy our holidays!
Andrew & I even discussed plans for building our own future family right HERE
Since we have been married everything has been going so smoothly. Except tomorrow I'm heading to the Doc, cuz my breathing has been struggling more lately. 

Regardless of the beginning and ending of the year's struggles with lung function, it was STILL an AMAZING, BLESSED, and BEAUTIFUL year! 

HaPpY NeW YeAr'S EvErYoNe!!!!!


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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed,it. Thank you. I love blogging and will continue :-)

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