Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holidays: Good & the Bad

The Good Stuff and Not so Great:

With the Holidays come cherished family time, cheerful smiles, and great memories. I LOVE the holidays. Surprisingly Thanksgiving is my favorite (for the single reason my mom's entire side ALWAYS gets together for it). We have tons of food, board games, and fun!

I mean check it out, 2 plates just for me!

[note: all my enzymes to the right. bahaha]

So much homemade food! Thanksgiving was a blast, granted Andrew and I had a lot of work around that time too. We didn't get as much time off as we would of loved, BUT we did get Thanksgiving! Whew. I had Friday off too, but I didn't do to much Black Friday shopping. I got some movies (go figure), but no big purchases this years.

I actually already have 90% of the my Christmas shopping done too! Whew.  I tried to make sure I was on top of everything this year. We aren't doing Christmas cards, because we are in the middle of doing our Wedding Thank Yous! So that was enough postage to pay for... LOL

For Christmas, Andrew will have to work on Christmas Eve until 6pm (big time bummer). But he will have Christmas Day off at least.  We put up Christmas shortly after Thanksgiving (Andrew makes me wait until the 1st of December). However, I'm pleased with the way our new lil apartment turned out with all the holiday decor. LOVE Christmas decorating, we even watched a Christmas Classic during it!!!

I love most of everything that comes along with the winter holidays... Well except the colds, flu, viruses, etc. That's the "Not so Great" part that I mentioned in the title. Now, I've been lucky so far. I haven't been in the hospital/on IVs since January 2015 and haven't been on oral antibiotics (other than my normal ones) since end of April!  So I'm really hoping to make that 1 YEAR MARK!

What a great accomplishment that will be! I mean look at these two blog posts to get an idea of how much nicer 2015 was to me than most years: 2013 review post AND 2014 review post! I mean, DANG! This year has been nice!

However, lately my lungs are tighter and my cough is worse. I'm not sick, just struggling to stay at my current lung function. Thanks to the weather is changing and all the cold. I did an hour of my vest the other morning, opposed to the 30 minutes I typically do. I have been doing extra nebs here and there, as needed.  Andrew has been doing manual percussion on me too at night. I'm hoping I can keep on top of this & not get sick. It takes a lot more effort, but eventually my health will increase again and I won't struggle as much.

It's like a roller coaster.... So hopefully everything gets a bit easier. It's always harder in the winter to stay away from all the germs and stay healthy. BUT, with some extra work, I'm thinking it will be fine!!!

I'm also hoping to keep my health up, so I can focus hardcore on Real Estate. I have my new Broker (Realtor) business page up on facebook (consider liking it for me). Andrew and I have made goals/plans with my income. It will all get saved to go towards our planning of our future family (read last post to learn about our family plans).

I'm supposed to have Clinic this month, but not sure if they will be able to fit me in. So hopefully, by the time I have clinic my stats will be good and my function will be up again! and again HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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