Friday, December 18, 2015

My CF, my Business, and Social Media

Who to Tell, How to Manage:

Well, I already told all my co-workers, managing broker, and the President of the Company that I have Cystic Fibrosis. All my friends and family, my whole hometown knows.... So who is left?

Just my clients. As you may have read (in this past post) that I'm starting a new career. Being a Real Estate Broker (Realtor) will give me the flexibility I need for my medications, still keep me busy, AND I LOVE it! I absolutely love every single bit of it!

The only part I can't decide about is: How open should I be about my CF?

Could my CF deter clients or scare people away? Obviously, its not something I need to bring up and unless I have a coughing attack in front of them or something. But, as far as advertising goes it makes it a little tougher.  And let's face it Real Estate is about advertising, connecting, and networking. So I have to figure it out! I've discussed this with a couple close friends and we all agree putting info about my CF/ my anything about my CF blog on my Real estate Pages would be weird. If someone is coming to business page to see my listings, they don't need to hear about my intestinal problems. HAHA. Also, If I'm sick or something, it may scare clients away (even though I do home IVs and still work with them). I don't want to scare anyone away. Especially, since I'm just starting out and need to build up my client list.

So how should I manage the social media accounts?

I can promote my realtor page on my CF page, but probably shouldn't vice versa. Easy, done. Where it gets sticky is pinterest and twitter. I don't want two accounts for each of those! But I'm very open about the fact I have CF on both. So if a client uses those forms of social media (which twitter is likely to happen) they will see a lot about my CF. Twitter is my main social media "go-to". I absolutely love it! It allows me to connect with so many others (especially with CF) without giving away too much personal info. Facebook allows way more personal info & stalking. Twitter is fast and easy to use too.

I'm already juggling 3 facebook pages (that doesn't include another person's business account I do),1 pinterest,  1 twitter, this blog, and (soon) my real estate website. So far I can manage all these. I tend to use my therapy/ nebs time to do all of them!

Here are my questions:

- Twitter and Pinterest allow 1 link for a website, which do I put Real Estate or CF Blog or CF Facebook Page??  my CF cause is just as important as my business.... I can't choose!

- How do I connect them without giving too much info out to those who aren't interested. Example: CFers don't want to see my listings & clients don't want to see my blog.

Do you have any ideas or solutions? I'm hoping by brainstorming with everyone I can figure out what to do!

Here was my best answer and thought process so far:

I thought about making a personal page that has links to real state website, CF blog, and social media accounts. Just 1 page with links (nothing I have to update, etc) and post that to my pinterest and twitter. So people that use those two social media accounts can find whichever page they are looking for (either CF or Real Estate)

On my Real Estate page I put links to all social media accounts and a link for my new" personal page" perhaps?? So only if they REALLY want to get to know me they will click on the other links...

Then on my CF Blog I have links to my personal page & social media accounts too.

 Or I could make my CF blog (cheriz,org) also be my "personal page" so I don't need another domain...
But you have to click on blog to see my blog posts, etc. I like the idea of not paying for more domains, then the 2 I have already!

I don't know. Input? Anyone?

That's what's been in the back of my mind the last couple days. Also, if you are a family or close friend & have my phone number, it has changed. Make sure to facebook message me to get it! I got new headshots done for my business cards!

<------what do you think?
 Besides getting my business off the ground, Andrew and I are getting ready for Christmas (pics in the post below). And don't forget to check out the past blog post about Andrew's and I's plans to start a family in the future HERE! I finally had my eye appointment and I will be seeing a specialist soon, so I will have more information for you all in the next month! Clinic is coming up soon too!

That's about it!

I hope to blog again before the holidays, but if I don't then:

       Happy Holidays!

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