Thursday, December 24, 2015

Visiting Friends & Family

Traveling to see Stacey:

With the Holidays comes traveling and visiting loved ones. Don't get me wrong traveling SO well worth it AND we are lucky to only travel a few hours. It's just all the stuff I have to remember to pack is hard. Check out how much I had to pack for our Honeymoon HERE!

 Last night was the 1 year Anniversary of Andrew proposing to me, make sure to read about it HERE. My college best friend/ roommate of many years came to visit the day before, stayed the night, and hung out with me during the next day (before Andrew got off work & proposed). Andrew had plotted knowing Stacey was coming, so in a small way she was part of the engagement (Which I LOVE). Stacey (Staceface as I call her sometimes) really REALLY helped me survive college.

Now, I don't mean typical " Oh man, I'm hungover but have a final" surviving... I mean she helped make my
meds when I was sick, she'd take my iv meds out of the fridge an hour before I had to hook up in the morning, so I got more than 5 hours of sleep. She even packed breakfast bars and an ensure for me to drink on the bus. She was there for me when my (first engagement) first serious relationship dissolved (even though it did so amicably, it was a tough time). Then the last year we lived together I was struggling medically (38-40%) low lung function, on IVs, and trying to finish my overload of 19 credit hours. But to top it all off that was the semester my Grammer (beloved Grandma, who I still cry over, even now as I type this) was really ill and passed away.

I was a disaster. I made it out of college with no permanent lung damage, a decent GPA, and most importantly an amazing friend (well a couple of them)! .

Stacey lives far away (out of state) now and I usually only see her once a year (at Christmas). This year she took the train up for my wedding though and was a speaker for it! AND she came home at Christmas this year, so I got to see her twice! Booyah! I drove up to the burbs (only 2 hours one way) and had a great time catching up with her! We stayed at her sister's, played games, went for pie, did the mall, gabbed, went for breakfast and then I had to head out again! But it was sooo nice, just hanging out like our college days.

Hahaha, here was a picture of my car before I headed out (picture to right):

I have my black wheely suitcase (carryon) on the floor behind my seat, my vest machine in it's big blue duffel, some board games Stace wanted me to bring, a few presents, and my cold meds in a lunchpale. And to think
this is only for one night!

Well, tonight we head home once Andrew gets off work, and I'm packing twice as much! Wowza!

I can't wait to get home and see everyone! Of course, we don't have that newly engaged "glow," but I'm remember every day that we are married how lucky I am. I have such an amazing husband, parents, sister, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Not to mention friends that I love so much, just like Stacey!

We are very blessed with many great things in our life! Andrew and I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Enjoy your Christmas and New Year's (and all the other holidays and festivities)!

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