Friday, January 22, 2016

Great News!

Doctor Appointment:

Yesterday was my 2nd follow up since I had gotten sick at Christmas. Read my 1st and 2nd post about that to catch up! As I said Doc really didn't want to put me on IVs (my numbers didn't improve after them in 2015 anyway AND I always have secondary problems from them). There are also no oral antibiotics options for me (I'm allergic to all of them). Which means when I get sick its super hard to get better. BUT, as you read in my last post, I did get a little better! We just added prednisone for a week and an extra set of nebs. I also talked about how I'm using my fitbit to challenge me to workout more, count calories (to gain weight), and keep me accountable in general.

Well, great news! It is working. Since Christmas I have gone from 103 to 107 lbs AND climbed from the 36% in lung function up to 56% (highest I have been since 2014) yesterday. Doc honestly thinks I can get back to 60%. His office just got some new equipment and he is going to start helping us run exercise tests to see what our current endurance is and help us build individual exercise regimens to help us stay active and fit. Plus, I have my Fitbit, which I rely a lot on, and hoping to get some new running shoes soon (will share more about that later). IF I keep on top of the three sets of vests, the 3 albuterals, 2 hypertonics, 1 pulmozyme, 3 cayston, AND 2 Collistin, as well as eat, workout, etc, I believe my numbers will continue to climb.

Yes, you heard me Colistin!!!! I received it in the mail FINALLY. I got it yesterday. It has a funny smell and taste, but I actually like it. So that's good. I'm sooo happy insurance figured out their mistake and fixed it finally. Only took 19 days. But it's in the past and it will only get better from here!

I know my lung function won't go up past 65% because of permanent scarring and damage, but 65% would be SO amazing for my age (with my severity of CF). I had 65% in high school, essentially I have worked my butt off for 12 years & kept my lung function stable!!!!

65% is my goal and I'm DETERMINED to reach it!! Andrew and I have goals. We want to buy a house, my career is just starting, and we are starting planning a family (read about our family planning in this post).

So many amazing things are going to happen this year that I can work had every second of my day in order to achieve them! Thank you to all my family and friends who support and motivate me. Everyone who does the Great Strides Walks with us & donates! You all keep me motivated, I LOVE my LIFE and I can succeed! Love you all!

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