Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Step at a Time

Newest Hospital Update:

As you may have been reading, I was hospitalized on last Wednesday (my 31st Birthday). Tomorrow will mark a full week in the hospital. When I was first admitted I couldn't have done a lap around the hallway without a huge cough attack. Today, I can do 3 laps (getting out of breath) with no coughing attacks! Whoot whoot!

I have been posting updates via videos on my Facebook Page. The last one I posted was "Not a Happy Camper" (where I didn't have any hot water for 4 days and I had been waiting for my breakfast for almost an hour and a half).  Good news. They did bring me a new tray right away and they fixed my hot water later in the day. Since my water wasn't fixed in time for my shower yesterday, they had me shower in the (empty) room next door. Haha, I was a little jealous of the windows next door...

(I mean look at that beach!)...

Haha, my room has birds on the windows. The beach is a lot nicer, but that's okay. At least I got a hot shower and since that food tray problem, my meals have been more accurate lately.

Now, for the health update:

Well, I did my breathing tests yesterday (PFTS) and Doc said I'm about 50% improved... I'm assuming since I was down around 15%-20% in lung function that I gained around 8-10% back. Doc doesn't like to bring up the numbers, since I obsess over them sometimes. I'm guessing I'm mid 40s. Doc said we are hoping to have me out by Friday :-) YAY! However, going home on IVs is not easy. So there is a lot more work ahead of me.

I LOVE the idea of being home and seeing Andrew, getting back to work, back to my life. BUT, it's not that simple. When I go home on IVs I still have to keep up with the complete hospital routine. Which means...

5am - take IV out of fridge
6am- 7am- Aztreonam IV runs
7:00-8:30am - albuteral, hypertonic, etc nebs & vest, clean nebs
8:30-10:00 -shower, food, etc
11-12:00pm -2nd set of nebs & vest, clean nebs
1pm -take IV out of fridge & eat lunch, pills
2:00-3:00pm- Aztreonam IV runs
4:00-5:00pm - 3rd set of nebs & vest
6pm take out of fridge IV and dinner/ pills
7:00-8:00pm Tobra IV
9:00-10:00pm unhook Tobra, take IV out of fridge, and do 4th set of nebs & vest
10:00-11pm Aztreonam IV
midnight - unhook & bed!!!!

Wake up at 5am and REPEAT every day! Since Andrew works 12-15 hour work days, it makes it a little harder. Being nurse and patient is tough.

So yes, while I am happy to go home (hopefully) this weekend and be with Andrew. I'm nervous I will get sick or run down trying to do it all by myself... But, one day at a time. Or more like 1 step at a time... Going to do a few more hallway laps tonight before Andrew heads home. Hoping to stay on the right track and get that lung function back!

Andrew works the rest of the week, but I was glad he got the 48 hours here that he did!

Keep you all posted and thank you for your love and support!


  1. so sad to know you'v been sick,, now you'r okay right?
    I have saw your photos and really interested to know you,,I live in Indonesia, and hope that we have a chance to meet each other :D
    Hope you not sick again, have a healthy day ^^
    If you want to contact me, please give me a new on my private email: agustanto4455@gmail.com

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