Thursday, April 28, 2016

Updates Galore!

Big News, Big Times, Big Change:

I had my post hospital Doctor's appointment on April 21st and it went well. I posted a video on my CF
facebook page. My weight is back on track, heading up. Also, my lung function was around 55%, so that's almost my baseline. I got to take my needle out that night. OH BOY!! I loved being needle free! Whoohoo no more IVs!!!!!

In the last week I have been super busy with a few different things. 1. Work. I have a new client AND I had all my post licensing webinars & exams this last week! 2. More CF Foundation Volunteer work. I held a presentation in my home town, where I discussed CF, the different mutations & severity of classes, as well as fundraising for great strides. I talked about the history of the CF foundation, care centers, and more about our local IL CF fundraisers. Overall, it wasn't a big turn out, so I was a little bummed. My hometown has always supported my CF cause, so it was disappointing not to have a good number of people come (even though they RSVPed). That being said, those who did come I think did learn quite a bit and enjoyed it. Plus, more cookies for them. lol

I did record it (but my phone kept stopping, so I had to restart it and it got a little jumpy). However, I will be posting that to Youtube tonight! I have been so busy with work, licensing stuff, plus now is the crunch planning time for the CF Foundation "Suzanna Lee Memorial Golf Outing," one of Peoria's biggest CF Fundraisers of the year! Suzanna went to my clinic growing up and her parents started the event in her memory 15 years ago! So this year is the 15th year, WOW. Way to go!

The BIGGEST update: I got my Colistin!!! Finally! I have had it before (in fact I got it for a month in 2015, and then just a couple months ago in 2016 too). But since March they have been having trouble filling it. So I have that, I believe I will be starting that after this round of Cayston.

Also, in the next 8 days I have TWO great strides walks. So that is beyond exciting. I LOVE going to the walks! Who doesn't want to spend a day walking and talking with good friends, while raising funds for the CFF!

So lots going on, I'm just trying to keep on top of my health too! So far it has been okay, but I know I need to get more active. Going to go for a walk today with my sister (as long as it doesnt rain).

Keep your eye on my Facebook/ YouTube page tonight, the video should be up then!

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