Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Promises, Commitments, Challenges


I feel my life has been so busy in the last month or so that I can barely keep up with my blog. I discussed some great news in my last post! I was really nervous with my decrease in lung function this year. I wasn't completely sure a hospital stay or 2-3 weeks of IV meds would help (even with steroids). In 2015, I struggled and barely saw an increase after the IVs. So deep down I am always nervous. I was beyond relieved that I'm closing the gap in numbers and increasing. I'd love to continue the climb.

So I have been pushing harder than ever. However, it's exhausting and I'm not completely succeeding at it. I have been keeping on top of the my meds. I have been doing all 3 sets of nebulizers, at least 2 (30 minute) vests. I've been walking a lot, because my  job has gotten quite a bit busier with it being warm out. I currently have 1 client house hunting, 1 working on getting approved, 1 contract in escrow, and a few other clients that are preparing to house hunt. Which isn't a ton compared to most Realtors, but add onto that GREAT STRIDES season, my volunteer work, CF meds and DANG!

I try to attend 5 walks a year (helping co-plan 2 of them), and coordinate all aspects of a 3rd (the Princeton Walk). I help out with a few other CF Foundation events throughout the spring too! I make sure my clients come first, but I honestly LOVE helping with the CF Foundation. Andrew and I have talked about balancing my work and volunteer work, along with my health. I told him my clients have to come first, but IF my Real Estate career ever gets in the way of my advocacy and volunteer work, I'd give up my career. I don't expect to make a big salary with my job. I focus on Real Estate from July - January. But in the spring it is Great Strides Season, so I don't actively seek out new clients in those months. I gladly accept them, but don't spend anything on advertising in those months. I'm in Real Estate because I love two things: People and Houses. Which I think is what is what Agents should focus on, not the paycheck.

My husband is completely on board with volunteering and understands how I have to balance both. I love that he supports me 100% in my CF advocacy. It can be hard to balance CF, Volunteering, and Work.

I've been super busy in the last 2 weeks, as I said I'm keeping up with meds. But, I am actually failing at the food and eating part. Here is what has been happening.. I'm so exhausted physically I sleep til 8am, shower, 1.5 hours of meds & vest, chug a 300 cal ensure, get work stuff gathered, etc. Then I head to show clients homes from 10-12pm. Then into the office, writing contracts, emailing, setting up other showings, searches, etc.. Then around 1 or 2 pm I have to head home to do my meds and vest again.. In the afternoons I shadow an agent, have a training class, or run errands (groceries, pharmacies, etc). Get back home at 4pm... In the evening I either walk with my sister, or have a Realtor event, or have cleaning, laundry etc. I also during this time am making phone calls, sending press releases, designing flyers, etc for the Princeton Walk & other CF events. I usually have to run back to the office to fax something, By the time I get home it's time for night meds...and 7pm when I realize the only thing I ate today was a 300 calories ensure and 70 calories worth of Gatorade. UGH

I've lost weight and I can tell. I'm probably around 101. I really need to get  back to 108 lbs. So many times I have to make a choice: do an hour of nebulizers or have time to make food and eat before I head out again.

But last week we celebrated Andrew's Birthday, so I did get my fair share of calories that night. Andrew had never been to a Hibachi grill, he always talks about it. So I decided to take him there for his birthday. YUM! I've been to a few and let's just say I never leave hungry! I got him a baseball themed cake (last year was minion themed). I hope he had a great birthday dinner, he deserves it! <3

What makes it worse is that I used to walk under 1000 steps a day. Now I'm averaging over 5000 on a workday... So I'm burning a ton more calories. Which is why I'm so exhausted at 10pm, I fall asleep before Andrew even gets home.

I need a better balance. I haven't found it yet and I'm struggling to find it. I love my job and my volunteer work. It's frustrating that if I didn't have the meds to do, I could eat and have no problems... That being said... I WILL continue to push myself. I want my lung function to increase, I want to be more active, I want to be healthier. I have a future to fight for and I will!

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