Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Little Over a 1 Year of Marriage!

Thank you to my Husband:

As of August 16, 2016 Andrew and I have been married for a year! (click here to read our 2 wedding blog posts) It is hard to believe a year went by already. It was an exciting year, that's for sure! Andrew got a promotion with the company he works for and we moved the week of our wedding for the new opportunity. Even though it added a bit of stress to our wedding week, we didn't mind because we knew it would be worth it! We got to move to the same town my sister lives in and a big bonus factor is my Cystic Fibrosis Center is in Peoria too! After moving to Peoria, I decided to finally become licensed as a Real Estate Broker. The career choice wasn't new, I had always wanted it. I just couldn't be a Real Estate Broker, because I needed health benefits. Both our careers are going really well  and we decided to buy a house this June!

So it has been an exciting year thanks to all the milestones we have achieved.  I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for encouraging us and always being there for us!

This past year I have really been focused on my health with the future goal being us becoming a family somehow. I've been a lot more active this year. I have done 4 5Ks since July 2nd and I'm going to try and keep it up. Exercise, never skipping meds, eating more then I need in calories....That's my goal to continue. Obviously, all this hard work is paying off. Granted my life is a little hectic and my arthritis is a bit worse (which is why I believed I was lower in lung function). BUT, it is sooo worth it! I was 49% in lung function in May and now I'm around 58%

At my last clinic I misread my lung function numbers and thought I hadn't increased. They said I went up a bit, and with the doctor talking about how my lungs might not react well to the anesthesia, when I glanced at the numbers I just assumed the 49% was my lung function. But that was from the time before. Dropping to the 40s in lung function was scary. I'm so glad to know I'm back to where I usually am :-) I thought I felt healthier, so I freaked when I didn't think it went up. WHEW!

We can finally start focusing on becoming a family. We are meeting with FosterCare, Adoption and a Surrogacy Center this Fall to start looking into our options! I never thought I'd have a family of my own some day, but with Andrew it all seems possible!

Happy 1 year to my Super-Man of a Husband, Andrew! I can't wait to see what year two will bring us! Whatever it brings I know I can look forward to it with you, Andrew!

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