Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Favorite Post of the Year!

Every New Year's I post a yearly review of everything that took place. It is surprising to see how much has happened and how much of a roller coaster ride life can be.

I'm ending this year with not-so-great doctor's visit with my lung function back in the 30s, but I truly believe in 2017 it will all get better. My lung function, health, and life in general. I am doing a lot of outpatient tests right now to see what it is going on in my lungs ( I had some stuff show up on my last CT scan). So in January I have another appointment to get a plan together. Whether it be an admission or home IVs, or something else. One day at a time, but for now let's look back on this year!

Here is 2016:
January & February
Fighting Insurance for Colistin because my lung function was low, which
is why I had to cancel my eye surgery.

I was the guest speaker at the Annual CF Meeting & honored
to receive an award "2015 Great Strides Partner of the Year"

(PICTURE: Myself, Red Dog CF Non-Profit, Colton Underwood, and CFF Peoria director Kellie)

I was admitted on my birthday. One week in hospital 
and one week with home IVs.
Also, finally got my Colistin approved!

I switched back to my Peoria CF Clinic (after 5 years with Doc. B). Big decision. 
My family & friends also hosted our Right Spice CFF passion fundraiser ($2,120)

The Princeton Walk raised over $13,000 and
we bought our first & forever home! 

I started doing 5ks. Here is one I did with my sister.
I do ALS 5ks for my friend, Sean (who has ALS)

Celebrated our first year of marriage together. 

I was finally healthy enough for my eye surgery
Also finally bought a medical alert bracelet for my Morphine allergy.

I started ORKAMBI
and I wrote my first guestblog for the National CF Foundation Website HERE!

Spent half the month in the hospital, 
but my family celebrated Thanksgiving in my room with me!

I was thrilled to be released from the hospital in time for Christmas
 and I guestblogged on the CFF Website HERE 
(about our future & how CF affects our family planning.)

Hope everyone has a happy New Year! 

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