Monday, December 5, 2016

One week post hospital!

I have my follow up appointment on December 20th. Until then I'm just going to keep up with 4 sets of nebulizer treatments a day. Do my IPV machine once a day and the vest twice. Hopefully, I can start incorporating some more exercise into my daily routine.

I did get some exercise over the weekend!! Haha. This Saturday was my work/company's annual Christmas Party. Maloof throws the Emerald Ball every year and this is my 2nd year attending (since I have been a Realtor for 1 full year now)! I LOVED dancing the night away! Well, as much as my 40% lung function would let me.

Andrew and I love to dance though. We met in show choir and it may be my favorite thing to do! So I really look forward to this event all year! I wish I could of danced more, but hopefully I can get my lung function back to where it needs to be. It was nice to see I could still dance & enjoy the Ball.

It was a busy day though!!!

I spent most of Saturday (before the party) with my mom at the Richwoods Craft Fair in Peoria, IL.

My mom crochets up a storm, she posts lots of new items on her "Handmade by Peggy K" facebook page. She sells on Etsy here and in a store called Annie's Little Pots.  She usually does 2 craft shows a year. I love helping her with them because I'm so proud of her (and jealous of her talent).

Andrew and I also got a Christmas tree and decorated for Christmas! I always enjoy decorating, but this year was even more special. This was our first Christmas in our first house. Plus, we were able to get a real tree! I think it turned out decently, it makes me smile, and that is all that matters!

When I was a baby mom was afraid a real tree would aggrevate my breathing. So we had an artificial tree until I was school age. I wanted a real one so bad though. My CF Doctor said we could try it, but if I start having any problems we had to get rid of it. So we decorated our first real tree with all biodegradable ornaments: popcorn strings, cookie ornaments, etc. Mom told dad if I start getting bothered by it, he could toss it out with everything still on it that way. Luckily, I had no problems. We had a real tree ever since. I moved out of my parents house 11 years ago (geez I feel old now) and I have always lived in apartments that don't allow real trees. So Andrew and I couldn't wait to buy a real tree this year! And since we got it locally in our small town (the guy delivered it for free)!!

I have been enjoying looking at the Christmas decor during meds and until the 20th, I'm just going to keep at it and hope my lung function comes back up. I am not ready to be at 40% (a 20% decrease is not okay). Let's hope for the best and just enjoy the holiday season! Keep you all posted on how my appointment goes!

Also, check out the exciting Guest blog I did on my CF awareness Facebook page!

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