Friday, June 2, 2017

Hello June: Chaos & Happiness

It is June already.... Wow, has time been flying by! May was Cystic Fibrosis Month and I spent a lot of the month preparing for the Princeton Cystic Fibrosis Walk (June 10th). If you want to join us or donate, just click here!

 I also attended the Bloomington Great Strides Walk in May! Andrew (my husband) was the guest speaker  (watch video at link) at the walk. I'm so proud of him, he has really stepped up in the last year and has been getting a lot more involved with the CF Foundation!

In the last month I have gotten even more involved as well. I decided to join the CF Foundation Champions committee. We discuss ways to improve daily care and improvements that will help the CF population today. I was also invited to apply for a position on the 2017-2019 (2 year term)  CF Foundation's National CF Adult Advisory Council. The council is made up of 12 individuals that are selected across the United States that are leaders in the CF community. The AAC is responsible for offering a voice for those in the community, providing insight on current information, helping to run/maintain online CF webinars (like BreatheCon), and reviewing the CF impact grants, etc.

I have been very involved in the local CF Community by serving as a volunteer coordinator of most of the Peoria Chapter's events (4 walks, 1 golf outing, 1 gala, etc). The Suzanna Lee Golf Outing is THIS monday (5 days before the Princeton Walk), so it will be a very busy week for the Peoria CF Chapter! I started becoming more involved nationally through my blogging. I have guest-blogged for the National CF Foundation's website 3 times so far...this led me to other national avenues & roles.

I really do think my CF Volunteering comes before all my other volunteer work (and even my job, but not clients I currently have). And of course, my family comes before anything else. I focus on clients, but between clients I do not advertise and take mini-breaks from work to focus on health & CF volunteering.

The last month has been busy, but I have enjoyed every bit! I have added those 2 new CF Foundation roles, co-hosted/coordinated a Peoria Women's Council of Realtors event (I'm on the WCR board),  finished fostercare classes, started a new clinical trial,  AND have a done major renovations to our home (pictures coming soon)!

 I'm sorry dear family & friends I have been distance and haven't had much time for anything lately. BUT I finally feel everything is falling into place. My Real Estate work has picked up a lot since it is beginning of summer, I getting a decent schedule in place, and I cannot wait to finalize the FosterCare paperwork! 2 more inspections and then we will be ready to accept children.

Thank you everyone who has supported us in our decision to grow as a family AND everyone who has helped make the Princeton Walk happen!!! I can't wait to see what the month of JUNE brings us!!!!

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