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Hi Everyone! 

I'm Cheriz, I'm 31 years old and I have Cystic Fibrosis. If you want to know all about my CF problems and medical issues you may want to check out the "my Cystic Fibrosis" page. If you wanna contact me, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email! 

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I'm quirky, fun, and outgoing! I am married to Andrew (8-16-15) and I'm the founder/ Organizer of the CF Great Strides Walk in Princeton, IL!

 I have my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Illinois in Psychology. Due to my CF I was/am unable to attend Grad School for Social Work (which was my original choice in career). However, I'm now a Realtor with Jim Maloof Realty (based out of Peoria, IL). I've always wanted this career and luckily, it allows me to work from home and be more flexible with medical treatments. I've always been obsessed with homes, architecture, and the real estate market.

Andrew works full time as an Assistant Manager at a local Grocery Store. He has a degree in Culinary Arts and is currently finishing up is BA degree. He's such a hardworker and I'm so proud of him! 

I love blogging, volunteering, dancing, and theatre! I enjoy making artwork, crafts, and we both love to cook. I enjoy furniture stores, pickles, mini-golf, and attending hockey games with my family!

We attend a lot of CF events around the state. Pic: Here we are at the Walk we organize (and yes that's a minion around his eye)

My Cystic Fibrosis and many medical problems may make my life crazy, but I love it just the way it is! If you want to know anything else just ask or you can get to know me by browsing through my blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & enjoy!

MY BUCKET LIST (highlighted are accomplished):
  • Start a Great Strides Walk in hometown
  • Team CF2 become a national walk team attending walks in over 5 states!
  • Raise over $100,000 for CF research (at 50,000 so far)
  • Write a book
  • Become licensed real estate broker
  • Own my own business
  • Own multiple income properties
  • Direct the show: Hello Dolly
  • Work for a/ Start a non-profit organization
  • Marry the Love of my Life
  • Travel to Hawaii
  • Travel to Europe
  • Become a mom (through surrogacy or adoption)


  1. If you make it to Hawaii by summer of 2015 maybe we could meet up!

  2. That would be awesome. But.... It's a lil expensive... So not sure, but I will go at some point in my life..that is not negotiable. lol! Do you live there?

  3. Cheriz, you are truly beautiful and strong, hopeful and mightily encouraging. Thank you for following me on twitter@AbundantBreath. You inspired and encouraged me greatly. I forwarded the link to your website and a brief summary of your story to my older son, who is going through a CF related mentally tough time lately.

    1. Thank you Michelle, that's so nice of you to say. We all do have days where we wish we had it a little easier, but most of the time I'm just thankful. I'm glad we connected on Twitter. I'm gonna jump over to your blog in a minute :-) Thanks for reading my history, hope my blog provides a lil comfort for him. Sorry he's going through a rough time. Keep in touch! and you both take care :-)

  4. Love your blog Cheriz, good job!! I would love for you to share your blog link with our CF community on I'm sure you'll find some fans there who need inspirational messages like yours....

    P.S. As for 'Travel to Europe' in your bucket list- If you need a place to crash, I'm in Paris! :))

    1. Hi,
      I'd love to share it, that's what it is here for :-) It looks like a great site with lots of resources. Love your tip about heels! I'm signed up. And yeah I'd love to travel overseas, but its pretty pricey. One day I will though. Thanks for the info about the site!