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TEAM CF2  :  "Courageously Fighting Cystic Fibrosis"  (#TEAMCF2)

Our goal is to raise awareness & funds for CF,  so we can find a cure for CF! 

We attend events throughout the nation (mostly in the midwest) and we hold our own CF Great Strides Walk in our hometown, Princeton IL!  Please feel free to join us at any event, follow us on facebook, and donate to the cause.  


1.) Share our info/ blog posts on social media.

      - like our FACEBOOK PAGE or follow on twitter
2.) Join Us (all events are open to everyone)
3.) Can't Join, then donate (links below, next to events)

Since starting our efforts we have raised 

$57,851.50 for the 

CF Foundation!!!!

Events: 2016 events!!!!

 1.) April 16th: CF Walk: Dekalb, ILJoin or Donate here ($50)

2.) May 1st: CF Walk: Bettendorf, IA Join or Donate here ($65)

3.) May 7th: CF Walk: Champaign, IL Donate or Join here ($270)

'4.) May 14th: CF Walk: Albuquerque, NM Donate or Join here ($55)

5.) June 27th: CF Walk: Princeton, IL Donate or Join here ($13,251)

6.) October 3rd:CF Walk: Peoria Heights,IL Donate or Join here  ($270)

We raised $14,200 in 2016!!

2015: Team CF2 raised $8,789 as a team & $24,364 with Princeton's Walk (we host)! 

1.) Jan 11th: Research Seminar, Glenveiw, IL (attended)
2.) April 4th: Walk Alburquerque, NM Join or Donate Here($50)
3.)April 11th:Walk: DeKalb, IL Join or Donate Here! ($155)
4.) April 18th: Walk: Champaign, IL Donate or join us here ($180)
5.) May 9th:Walk: Providence, RI donate or join us here ($50)
6.) June 27th: Walk: Princeton, IL join or donate here (Team CF2 $7,406 w/$22,981 at Walk)
7.) September 19th: Flynn 5K: Peoria, Bradley Park, ($40)
8.) October 3rd: Walk: Peoria Heights, IL, donate or join us here! ($908)

2014: $10,088 as a team & $14,526 including other teams at Princeton Walk!

1.) May 3rd: CF Walk:Champaign, IL ($252)
2.) May 17th: CF Walk:Naperville, IL  ($385)
3.) June 28th: Princeton, IL:   (our walk raised $13,319 with our team raising $8,881)
4.) October 4th: CF Walk: Tower Park, Peoria Heights, IL ($145)
5.) September 12th: CF Event: Chicago Festiv-ale. Chicago IL (Andrew & I attended)
6.) November 9th: CF Climb, 58 flights for CF, Chicago, IL ($425)

2013:  total raised in 2013 was $3,416.50
 1.)April 20th: CF Walk: Champaign, IL (Donated $20)
2.)June 1st: CF Walk: Hollowayville, IL (30+ ppl raised $2,886.50)
3.)August 29th: Research Seminar - Pinstripes, Glenveiw IL- Dr. B
 4.) October 5th: CF Walk: Tower Park, Peoria Heights, IL  (raised $200)
 5.)November 10th: CF Climb, Chicago IL 8am- Andrew's Climbing 58 flights for a cure! (raised $310)

2012: TEAM CF2 was born! total raised in 2012 was $1,345

1.) April 21, 2012: CF Walk: Champaign, IL  (4 ppl raised $125 that day)
2.) May 2012 (CF AWARENESS MONTH!): David's Law: sign petition!
3.) October 5th:  CF Walk: Peoria Heights, IL (20 + ppl raised $1,200)
4.) November 24th: CF Fundraiser in Moline, IL (donated $20)


1.) April: GreatStrides Walk: Champaign, IL
2.) October: Greatstrides Walk: Peoria, IL

1.) October: Great Strides Walk: Peoria, IL

1.) May: CF Great Strides Walk: Champaign, IL

Fundraising Tips:  For a PDF with lots of tips and explanations about the Walks: Just click HERE!

Consider hosting a fundraiser or walking with us a Great Strides Walk. Examples of fundraisiers you can do for your team: Bake sales, Car Washes, Bowl-a-thons (I'm turned my 30th bday party into a fundraiser), wine tasting, movie/dinner party (make dinner & show a movie & ask friends to bring $20 for CF). The sky is the limit :-)

Here is a Fundraising Checklist to help you get started: 

1. Register : at a link above! If you live in a different state contact me about doing a walk there (let's take Team CF2 national!)

2. Set your fundraising goal :The average raised by a Great Strides walker is $300. But, any goal is good! Some do $100 to get the free shirt! Set a goal of $500 to become a Super Strider and receive special recognition at the walk. Goals can always be changed. If you reach your goal, bump it up and see if more people donate! At Great Strides Walks people can earn prizes with donation amounts!

 3. Set up your personal web page: Great Strides Walks provides a personalized Fundraising page you can share online through social media/facebook. It only takes a couple mins to get it set-up. Contact me if you need help!

4. Write your fundraising letter: Why not tell your friends, family and colleagues that you have signed up and made a commitment to help cure CF? Write a personal letter or email to let them know why you are walking and ask for their support.  Click Here for Example PDF of a letter asking people for donations!

5. Go Mobile: Download the new Great Strides mobile application to fundraise on the go! You can download the app at Once you’re registered, log into the app and send emails or texts asking for support. 

6. Invite a friend to walk with you: Ask a friend or two or more! They can sign up to walk with you and ask their friends and family to support them. They can donate a certain set amount or choose to fundraise as well!

7. Follow up with the people you asked: Most people donate within three days of receiving your email. If one of your prospective donors doesn't reply, your email might have been lost. Send out a reminder and ask again the next week. Also, consider asking in person.

8. Ask your employer about matching gifts: Find out if your employer has a matching gift program and see if they will match the total that you raise. If your work doesn't match, they may still make a donation. The money donated is Tax deductable. Also, remind your team members about this! 

9. Attend the Great Strides walk and celebrate your success : Celebrate all your hard work! Bring all your donations with you and turn them in at the check- in!

10. Thank your donors and tell them about the event : Whether by email, facebook, or letter, let everyone know how much fun the walk was and how much you raised. They will appreciate knowing that 
their contribution made a difference. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the cause!

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